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Orchids & Onions (February 8, 2014)

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Snow Removal Orchids to…

• the unknown man on Richland Drive who visits his mother every day and shovels her sidewalk, from Debbie Osborne

• Daniel Baker, from your neighbors.

• Tony Preston and Hannah Grimes, from Mom, Mamaw and Aunt Sherry.

• my neighbor, Tina.

• the two young men that helped me get unstuck in my driveway, from Betty.

• the nice person, from the Mitchells.

• Chris from Indy, from Mary Wilson.

• Mike, from Sam Ogilvie.

• Jimmy Ryser and Justin, from Richard and Marge Roseberry.

• my wonderful neighbor Adam, from Barbara.

• the wonderful person, from Holly and Warren Selig.

• my neighbor Billy, from Eva Shinolt.

• Larry Rangerstad, from Alice, Christa, Ashley and Kevin.

• Sam Mills.

• John Hudachek and friend.

• Devyn Melborne and Ernie, from Bill Rothrock Sr.

• the man in the Timberland jacket with the silver Jeep who helped my friend and I get my car unstuck off the hidden, snow-covered median by the old Burd’s Cleaners drive-through.

• my Dorel friends for pushing my car out to the road, from Anita.

• the man in the blue Blazer for stopping to help pull my daughter’s van out of the snow pile on Eighth street, from Diana.

• the city for coming out and replowing in front of our house, from the Joneses on Sycamore.

• Mike for helping me get my car out of the alley when I got stuck, from Sue.

• the three guys from Window World who stopped on Taylor Road to help me get my car out of my driveway.

• Mr. Macy from the City Garage who sent a piece of equipment to remove snow so people could get in and out of their driveways that a snowplow covered up, from Carolyn Souza.

• the person responsible for clearing the crosswalks of snow, from the crossing guards at Central Avenue and Parkside Drive.

• Jim Crouch, from Dot Slate.

• Alan Hunter, from Jeannie Goldsmith.

• Jason Hawley, from Carol.

• Michael Phelps, from June and Charlie.

• Jim Hammick, from Curt Miller.

• Jim, from Tyron and Jiff.

• the anonymous person on County Road 150W on Wednesday, from a grateful neighbor.

• our neighbors in Newbern, from the Gearharts.

• Frank Reed, from Jerry and Sharon Wilson.

• the Columbus Police Department officer and the two gentlemen who helped me get my Chevy Aveo out by Lowell Road when it was stuck.

• Orchids to…

• Mayor Brown for doing the job she was hired to do.

• Macey Burton, Makenzie Brown and Hannah Herbert for the thoughtful cards, from Mrs. Sparks.

• Eric Stacy for being a wonderful neighbor and friend, from Sandy.

• Phil Swaim for a wonderful letter that was right on target, from Martha Risk.

• Cindy Mason and Morgan Lane for the quality merchandise for our Rewards store.

• Dawn, mail carrier on Shadowbend Drive, for always being on time and with a smile in spite of the conditions she has to endure.

• Gary Davis Jr. for his letter to the editor speaking out against the hog operation.

• City Council for the great job they are doing for the city, from Joe.

• City Council, who is also elected by the voters, for standing up to City Hall for what they believe is right for the taxpayers.

• Leanne for all your help, from Bob and Sandy.

• David Jones for being a singular voice of reason at the Parks Board meeting Thursday.

• William Scarbrough for another excellent letter, from Gary Hallum.

• Dion Speer for being such a great customer and always thinking of everyone else more than himself, from Shelby and Hope.

• Onions to…

• the snowplow driver who piles snow in my yard on my hedges, tearing them out the ground every year and the city for not taking responsibility.

• the apartment complex that does not clean the sidewalks and parking lot, making it unsafe for residents.

• those who live around elementary schools who don’t shovel their sidewalks, endangering the kids who have to walk in the street.

• people who do not clear the roof of their cars of snow and ice, putting drivers behind them at risk.

• the school corporation for not issuing a two-hour delay Friday when the temperature at 6 a.m. was negative 7 degrees.

• our Republic carrier who makes no effort to get our paper anywhere close to the porch.

• the proposed confined animal feeding operation.

• City Council for not letting the mayor do her job.

• those who complain about snowplow drivers.

• city officials for wasting thousands of dollars on bogus salaries and lawyers.

• the driver of the white Suburban who stopped at the light at Central and National road for throwing a hamburger carton out the window.

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