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Orchids & Onions (February 22, 2014)

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    Orchids to…

    • Karen Dugan for helping me search for my missing dog, from Paige Harden.

    • City Council for holding people accountable and demanding the truth.

    • the Northside eighth-grade cheerleaders for cheering for the seventh-grade boys’ team when the seventh grade couldn’t, from a seventh-grade fan.

    • the boys and girls on displaying the American flag properly and the boys who properly folded the flag.

    • the man who turned in our lost keys at CVS and to CVS for calling us, from a grateful couple.

    • Columbus East bands and director David Rodgers for a very nice meal and a wonderful concert Thursday night, from Jacob and Aaron Villiger’s grandparents.

    • Jennifer Whaley and her helpers for a wonderful Teacher Appreciation Week, from

    • St. Bartholomew staff.

    • Pam Streeval for all the kind and thoughtful things you have done for Micki Yates, from Boyd, Shane, Becky and Donna.

    • the Langdons for being kind and thoughtful neighbors,

    • from Roberta.

    • the driver who prepaid my Taco Bell order and even told the cashier to give me the leftover change, from a grateful customer.

    • our farmers for supplying our needs, from Elsie Rogers.

    • the lady at Circle K on 17th and National early Friday morning for paying for my items when the credit card machine would not work, Robin Swezea.

    • Larry Clark for his great letter to the editor expressing the thoughts of so many Golden employees.

    • Wanda Huff for doing my laundry the entire winter due to weather and illness, from a most grateful sister.

    • Dee and Susan at Skooter’s for helping me with the elderly woman, from Sharon.

    • Mary Lou in Columbus Regional Hospital’s centralized scheduling and Steve in the MRI department for going over and beyond for a patient, from Kevin and Ramanda Kinnick.

    • Onions to…

    • to those who are against the Second Amendment.

    • those who are already complaining about potholes.

    • coaches who have no idea how to talk to their players in a way that inspires them to play their best.

    • the florist for screwing up my flowers twice and not delivering any flowers on Valentine’s Day.

    • City Council for getting an out-of-area attorney and spending taxpayers’ money.

    • those who complain about loud motorcycles.

    • stores that falsely accuse people of stealing.

    • the newspaper carrier in the Hope area that cannot get the paper in the box but leaves the paper in the rain and mud.

    • generations of people who don’t know how to clean up after themselves.

    • those who want to sell alcohol at the State Fair.

    • no fines for those who allow their dogs to defecate in other people’s yards.

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