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Orchids & Onions (April 29, 2014)

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    Orchids to…

    • Columbus North administrators for their excellent action taken concerning the “disturbing” list and to The Republic for giving it thorough coverage in Wednesday’s issue, from Peg Roush.
    • Valinda Boone of H&R Block for going to the IRS office with me, from Mary Fenske.
    • the kind woman who donated a pair of golf shoes to a young golfer, from Norma Brunn.
    • Erika Smith for making the honor roll at Parkside, from Grandma and Grandpa Fields.
    • Brian R. Bailey for being chosen as “Outstanding Graduate of Industrial Technology” of Ivy Tech Community College, from your family.
    • Jacob and Amanda Virostko for the snow removal for the winter and the mulch and all you guys do for us, from Roy and Martha Kinser.
    • Mike Greven for his letter to the editor about the use of herbicides and pesticides on our lawns.
    • VIM staff and Susan Binder for preparing the delicious lunch in appreciation of the volunteers.
    • Lisa Kelsay for all the hard work and everything you have done for my birthday, from Mom.

    Onions to…

    • the people who put up political signs without speaking directly to the homeowner who would have told them that three-quarters of the residents are not Republicans.
    • the bartenders who think it is acceptable to complain about customers poor tipping habits in front of other customers.
    • those who work in factories and don’t know how to use a toilet.
    • the people who choose to walk in the street when there is a sidewalk.
    • The Republic for failing to ask hard questions of the candidates for sheriff, such as the national scrutiny for the handling of the Cary Owsley case.
    • the lady for being so rude to her young employees.
    • the school officials who park in the handicap spot without handicap permits.
    • the rude church member who interrupted a conversation between two people.
    • The Republic for wet paper delivery.
    • the people whose weekend recreation is trashing stores and stealing from stores.
    • the person who smarted off to me at the bank for going the wrong way when I was not.
    • those that think we need another venue of the same size downtown using taxpayers’ money.
    • team leaders who don’t lead the team.

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