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Orchids & Onions (May 21, 2014)

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    Orchids to…

    • Ben Wagner for his tireless work, absolute class in the face of this mess and consistent positive attitude.
    • Ben Wagner for always being a stand-up guy and taking the high road.
    • the medical team in the emergency room at Columbus Regional Hospital for its great care, compassion and professionalism during my visit Monday, from Joe Gill.
    • the lady in pink who helped me load dirt on my cart at Menard’s and the employee who took them to my van, from Sandy.
    • Elizabeth Neilander for taking me to see my mother at Four Seasons and treating me to Steak ’N Shake, from Rebecca Fenske.
    • Bill and Barbara Carr for their kindness, from John Tinkey.
    • all first responders who help save lives, mine included, from Curtis Huff.
    • George Delay for all you do for me, from Donna.
    • Teresa and Karen in the Central Middle School cafeteria for the wonderful cookies for Academic Honors Night, from Susanne and Wendy.
    • Dr. McDermott for being such a wonderful, understanding man and helping me complete my treatment with braces, from Kristin Camp.
    • Rest Haven Cemetery for a fast cleanup, getting it ready for Memorial Day flowers.
    • the kind lady and her daughter who found our neighbor’s dog and took her home for safe keeping until the owner could be contacted.

    Onions to…

    • the gas station that offers 10 cents off a gallon with car wash purchase, only to find out the wash and purchase was unavailable after filling up.
    • those who believe the only cancer that deserves to be recognized is breast cancer.
    • gas stations for raising prices just before the holiday weekend.
    • people who think they are better than others.
    • city council.
    • the person in the store complaining about the cost of the newspaper for being wrong.
    • the person who placed a large order at a fast-food drive up window, resulting in a wait of 30 minutes for others in the line.
    • the school that has students attending until June 5 when grades are due May 30.
    • the business that lets it employees steal from the security guards.
    • those who think JV sports are not important.
    • whoever stole the flower pot and hanger off a tree at my mother-in-law’s grave.
    • law enforcement for not doing anything about the drug epidemic in Columbus.
    • city officials who are afraid to ask another official to resign.
    • the political leader for not reinstating Ben Wagner as parks and rec director.
    • the city official for causing me to reconsider my donations to the parks system due to city mismanagement.
    • those who complained about having to wait for the free dental service Saturday.

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