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Orchids & Onions (June 3, 2014)

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    Orchids to…

    • Chris Beach, Bruce Maberry and Pat Wilson at The Columbus Learning Center for going above and beyond for the open house, from Heather, Paula, Wendi and Diane.

    • the young man who stopped by to tell us we left our car door open in the rain.

    • Robert for finding my wallet and taking it to the police station, from Loretta.

    • Bill King for being a good neighbor and helping anytime we need him, from Larry Rudd.

    • Rich Gold for hitting the nail on the head in his letter to the editor, from Rob Eickenberry.

    • the lady who was feeding the wild goose and her babies.

    • the post office for having the illegally parked cars towed.

    • Kristen Brown for saving taxpayers’ money and helping other people, from Estella A. Brooks.

    • the carrier on Autumn Court for delivering to the front porch, from a grateful older couple.

    • those who voted for one room for smoking.

    • all the good Kristen Brown has done.

    • Onions to…

    • neglectful parents who blame the school for their child’s out of control and bad behavior.

    • people carrying guns in stores, restaurants and other places not appropriate for a well-regulated militia.

    • the standing water at Marr Road and 600 causing a place for mosquitoes to breed.

    • not mowing the grass for the Color Blaze 5K.

    • the teacher that complains about students by name in a public place.

    • the person who lost a bag of trash on Deaver Road and didn’t stop to pick it up.

    • The Republic for not taking or publishing pictures of the bands that played at the Relay for Life on Saturday, disappointing the young men who practiced so hard.

    • the driver of the speeding black SUV that ran the red light at 17th and Central.

    • people who put their yard waste on the alley instead of at the curb where it can be picked up.

    • whoever stole my beautiful flowers and lady bug.

    • people who believe we have the right to take away firearms.

    • the City Cemetery for not mowing the grass for Mother’s Day or Memorial Day.

    • those responsible for changing the timing of the lights at Second and Jackson Streets causing drivers to wait at a red light when nothing is coming on the green.

    • the administrator for appointing a non-diverse board.

    • those who want to buy your property for nothing so they can make a profit.

    • people who leave large boats parked on the street.

    • gas stations that will not pump gas for handicapped drivers.

    • the whole parks and recreation fiasco.

    • the carrier that did not bring the Saturday paper on Saturday or Sunday.

    • the newspaper for using a female’s name in a write-up about a male outstanding senior in Bartholomew County.

    • the city for not having bus service to the west side.

    • the man who has made a neighborhood eyesore and nuisance.

    • letter writers that don’t agree with the current administration.

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