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Orchids & Onions (June 27, 2014)

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    Orchids to…

    • the Kusachi family of New Japan for being an important part of the Kim family’s life for so many years.

    • the out-of-condition man who jogged past my house on the People Trail who inspires me the most.

    • Shireman Homestead for the great wagon ride and the animals for kids young and old to see and pet at our staff picnic, from the Bartholomew County Public Library Staff Association.

    • the staff at Keepsake Village for all the special things you do for the residents.

    • Kimberly J. Selig for becoming manager at 240Sweet, from your friends.

    • Bob Moody for having the first ripe tomato, from Wilma Jordan.

    • the young lady who paid for some of my purchase when I was short on cash, from the dish soap and cereal woman.

    • Burger King for winning the baseball Babe Ruth Championship in the City League this year.

    • Malissa at Lowe’s for finding the Goo Gone for me, from Katie Garvey.

    • Beth Noblitt for taking Linda back into town to get a car, from Jeannie Burton.

    • the ladies at the Big Cheese for being so kind and compassionate on Wednesday, from Maureen Abraham.

    • the young gentleman customer at Jay C food store who graciously offered to carry my groceries to my car.

    • Lana Johns for great fellowship over breakfast in Edinburgh, from Judy Coy.

    Onions to…

    • not letting the people vote concerning same-sex marriage.

    • gay marriage and those who think it should be legal.

    • our county for not having the paperwork for the same-sex marriage.

    • big box store that only has one checkout open during the day.

    • doctors who think it’s their job to play God by giving someone a death sentence.

    • County Clerk for denying marriage licenses to same-sex couples, ignoring a federal decision.

    • person whose irrigation system needs to be adjusted and ruins our newspaper every day.

    • those who stand on the corner asking for money then walk to an expensive coffee shop.

    • those who do not clean up the front of their homes.

    • farmers who are criticizing the hog operation that do not realize that is their number one customer.

    • landowner and logging company who have destroyed the easement that I have used and maintained for 40 years.

    • downtown businesses that want to close the streets when they want to have a get-together when homeowners cannot do the same.

    • clerk’s office for not allowing same-sex couples to receive a marriage license.

    • whoever is responsible for the less-than-satisfying coverage of Major League Baseball in the newspaper.

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