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Orchids & Onions (July 10, 2014)

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    Orchids to…

    • ladies at the Pork Producers booth for going out of their way to get me a slice of lemon for my Diet Coke.

    • our neighbors on Monterey Drive, Jill and Hailey, for helping search for our runaway dog, from Steve and Jane.

    • the Dick Gaynors for the great Fourth of July party, from Don and Patsy Harris.

    • INDOT and the railroad company for planning on putting an overpass over the railroad on State Road 46 West, from Joe.

    • Lauren Ulrich for her first-place finishes in her horse shows, from Uncle Mikey and Aunt Becca.

    • Blaine Perry for the outstanding job of showing his pig at the 4-H Fair, from Mimi and Gram.

    • police department for their continued efforts in cleaning up our streets and making them safer.

    • the 4-H queen and her court for helping me overcome my fear, from Hannah.

    • Aaron, manager at Little Caesar’s on Central Avenue, for his kindness, from Lindsey.

    • Dr. Shedd and all other personnel who took very good care of me Tuesday at CRH, from Patsy Stouffer.

    • Keith and Jenny Watson for another wonderful Fourth of July party, from Jan Peters.

    • Four Seasons Retirement Center for taking us to the fair on Tuesday.

    • Onions to…

    • those who do not dispose of their trash properly, littering our streets and roadsides with disgusting trash.

    • totally inconsiderate people in a local subdivision who set off very loud fireworks.

    • locals who cannot read a calendar.

    • not legalizing marijuana in Columbus.

    • allowing church services inside the public Commons.

    • The Republic for publishing a quote by Sandra Bullock as the “Thought for the Day.”

    • those who drive too fast in the small neighborhood where the school is located across from the children’s homes.

    • the farmer that ruined my daughter’s outside birthday party by spreading tons of chicken manure unannounced, making the kids sick and the flies attack everyone.

    • people constantly complaining about fireworks.

    • companies that won’t answer their phones and expect you to wait until they call you back.

    • mail carrier who does not realize that when packages are placed right in front of a door, you can’t open the door.

    • auto store that had roaches crawling on the checkout counter.

    • all those who don’t know what farmers grow.

    • downtown office workers who jaywalk while looking at their phones.

    • law enforcement for not doing anything about the known drug dealers in Columbus.

    • person on bicycle who cut through the hospital parking lot and ran two stop signs.

    • governor for acting like a dictator.

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