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Orchids & Onions (July 15, 2014)

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    Orchids to…

    • Jackie Meinders and the rest of the DeCycles riders on their amazing bicycle ride from Key West, from Steve.

    • Mrs. Watson and Annie Watson for the card and pretzels, from Jonathan Brougher.

    • Alex Knight for his excellent letter on the problems we face on our movement toward a Marxist state, from Ken Van Liew.

    • Erik Miller for helping the lady in the handicapped shopping cart load her car.

    • Thompson Furniture for great customer service, from the lady looking for bed rails.

    • Angie and Mark, Billie and Keith for helping the Pools with their basement.

    • Joey from Eastside Community Center for averting a fire by alerting a neighbor to smoke coming from an extension cord in the garage, from John Oquist.

    • The manager and staff at Sirloin Stockade for accommodating our group on short notice Wednesday and for exceptional service and food.

    • Linda at Legends Beauty Shop for picking me up and taking me home after doing my hair, from Terry Trimpe.

    • City of Columbus for patching up our roads by Centerstone, from John Jerman.

    • Onions to…

    • the tree service that has not fixed our sidewalk after they dropped a tree limb on it three months ago.

    • the rude woman working at the local Bureau of Motor Vehicles.

    • the bicyclist wearing purple spandex for not stopping at any stop sign along Franklin Street.

    • officials in the Obama administration for secretly shipping children who are illegally crossing the border to states without notifying the officials of those states.

    • those who don’t realize that it is legal in Indiana to make a left on red onto a one-way street.

    • city and proponents of the Carr Hill Road project for the overkill.

    • not allowing all religions to have services throughout the week in The Commons.

    • dog walkers with large dogs who let them bark and lunge at other people, frightening them.

    • those who make money and live in Columbus but go out of town for goods and services, even paying higher prices for the same product.

    • those who order over-the-top expensive services and show up wanting to make weekly payments.

    • the group of bicyclists riding north on Westenedge Drive at 9:30 p.m. Friday, tying up the whole lane of traffic and disregarding the stop sign.

    • the two drivers on West State Road 46 who wouldn’t get over for the ambulance Friday evening.

    • the loggers who left lots of firewood in the woods bordering Carr Hill Road.

    • The Republic for insensitive placement of the Taylorsville Elementary School honor roll next to the court news and criminal activity and complaints filed.

    • the nurse who wouldn’t assist me even though she knew whom she was speaking to.

    • the county for not mowing the roadsides in the Burnsville area.

    • the county for working heart patients six days a week.

    • The Republic for combining Orchids instead of the way they were sent in.

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