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Orchids & Onions (July 24, 2014)

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    Orchids to…

    • the police for increased patrols through Mead Village.

    • Tire Barn, from the owner of the red Liberty.

    • the man in the red pickup who took me to get gas and then back to my vehicle Monday afternoon when I ran out of gas on the Third Street bridge.

    • The Republic for running a long-overdue AP article about beef and pollution.

    • the honest woman who found my cellphone and turned it in to customer service at Kroger.

    • Allison at Columbus Regional Hospital for making my blood test a pain-free experience.

    • Kindred Nursing Home for the good care they are giving my brother, from all of his family.

    • Hackman Farmstand for the fabulous plants and veggies this spring and summer, from Rich and Roe Rybicki.

    • Flowers from the Woods for an outstanding job on funeral flowers, from a satisfied new customer.

    • the Rev. Dennis McCarty for his beautiful column regarding marriage.

    • Master Power Transmission for the awesome dinner for

    • 40-year employees.

    • the couple who turned in my wallet on Indianapolis Road, and to the sheriff deputies for calling me to come pick it up, from Dave.

    • Maryka Teltoe for being

    • an amazing friend, from your

    • best friend.

    • Onions to…

    • the new online format that is too cumbersome and takes twice as long to read.

    • the pastor and his family who feel they are above accountability, filling their bank accounts and giving their denomination a bad name.

    • the woman who was extremely rude when I was trying to pay a medical bill.

    • the person who objected in the Onions to spending the money needed to take care of homeless animals that wouldn’t even be here if people would spay and neuter their animals.

    • The Republic for printing one, sometimes two, pictures or stories about President Barack Obama every week.

    • the man in the black Charger who bought two rabbits and didn’t return the borrowed pet carrier.

    • the apartment landlord who cut down beautiful, healthy trees for no reason at all.

    • the man at White Castle who interrupted a private conversation between an elderly gentleman and his colleague, taking what the man said out of context.

    • the department store employee I overheard talking about my mother’s haircut.

    • the lawn mower repair shop that has poor customer service and doesn’t get work done on time.

    • those who took a lighted butterfly display from a flower pot at Garland Brook Cemetery.

    • the cashier in a fabric store who acts like it takes a lot of effort just to answer a customer’s questions.

    • women who think they own a community room and can’t be friendly with others who share it.

    • people whose actions speak louder than words.

    • The Republic for making the online version of the newspaper not user-friendly when it was

    • great before.

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