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Orchids & Onions (September 28, 2012)

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     Orchids to

    •    my co-worker Julia Diaz-Perez for bringing me lunch.

    •    Chad Warfield for taking care of the limb hanging from the tree in my yard, from Potsy.

    •    residents and co-workers at Four Seasons Retirement Center for the card and money that you gave me while I have been off work with a broken shoulder, from Rhonda Lowman.

    •    Tammy at the Kroger Station, for always helping me and for always being so nice, from Margaret.

    •    Tonja Couch and Alicia McCreary of United Way 211 for reaching full accreditation with the Alliance of Information and Referral Systems, from United Way.

    •    all those involved with the organization of the Hope Ride last Saturday.

    •    Pam, Tom, Kayla, Marcella, John, Deb and Keli for my wonderful 80th birthday party, family friends for visits, cards and gifts, from Ethel Stolle.

    •    person who found my glasses and turned them in, from Ruth Kennedy.

    •    Onions to

    •    driver of the recycling truck for blocking business parking lot to do personal business.

    •    not being able to talk to a police officer on the phone, instead making them come to your home for all to see.

    •    small-minded people who cite God as a reason to hate.

    •    those that park illegally on busy main streets to go to church.

    •    companies that advertise for workers but will not hire anyone.

    •    people that make assumptions without facts concerning choice of license plates.

    •    vet who charged $500 for skin allergies when my dog only had fleas.

    •    newspaper for being so small.

    •    thrift store that puts out merchandise that is not priced and then refuses to price and sell it.

    •    cream-colored SUV that blatantly ran the red light at 2nd and State Street Thursday morning.

    •    dog walkers on 29th street that leave their dogs' mess on the street.

    •    people who don't pay attention when they are driving, injuring or killing highway workers.

    •    whoever is responsible for losing the best dog show in the Midwest.

    •    builder of Cole apartments for blocking one lane of Brown Street.

    •    whoever stole the cocker spaniel sign from our backyard that was a Christmas gift to my husband.

    •    small silver car on Wednesday evening that nearly hit my daughter and I as we were crossing from the building to our vehicle.

    •    residents that water their lawn when it's raining.

    •    landfill that puts out stuff in the reuse center that needs to be in the landfill.

    •    The Republic for allowing people to put their religious beliefs in the Onions.

    •    downtown restaurants that do not have handicapped accessibility.

    •    people who assume that everyone believes in God.

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