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Orchids & Onions (October 12, 2012)

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    Orchids to

    Natalie and Bruce Pollert for their kindness and hospitality, and for making two trips to the Indianapolis Airport to pick up, feed and house Orphan Grain Train fundraiser speaker the Rev. Greg Mech, from Joplin, Mo.

    Columbus North boys and girls cross-country squads for their dominating performances in the sectional.

    the thoughtful lady in the white car who paid for my coffee at Starbucks Thursday morning, from the grateful deputy sheriff.

    Ed and Deborah Dickmeyer for doing such a wonderful job on my lawn, from a satisfied customer.

    all the kind people who stopped to help me when I was in an auto accident on I-65 on Oct. 8, from Beth Lee.

    Angie Huebel for taking time out of her busy day to let me interview her, from Racheal Hill.

    Indiana Extension Homemakers for marking their 100-year anniversary.

    Sandy Hammons for the great pot of chili last Sunday, from Peggy.

    the person at the library who found my wallet and turned it in.

    Tamara Kiel for the letter supporting Kristen Brown.

    Melissa at Blackerby's Hangar 5 restaurant for coming to my aid, from Ruth Kennedy.

    local businesses who show kindness and compassion to people with mental illnesses.

    the great railroad crossing put in on State Road 46 West, from Joe.

    Chris Hales for the beautiful "Take Your Best Shot" photo published Thursday.

    the chef at Hilton Garden Inn for a delicious meal Tuesday evening, from Steph and Dick.

    Red Bud Tree Bakery for the kind donation for the American Cancer Society team.

    the Clifty Creek Elementary School student who is sporting the pink hair, from a grateful person.

    Onions to

    people who leave trash in their yards, letting it blow all over the place.

    not having a turn arrow at Beam and National roads.

    insurance companies that don't care about people, only about making profit.

    people who say citizens in wheelchairs do just fine getting around downtown.

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