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Orchids & Onions (November 7, 2012)

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    Orchids to…

    • Braydon Gill, for earning the first-quarter Gold Honor Roll rating at Columbus Signature Academy Fodrea, from Grammy and Papaw Gill.

    • valet parking staff at CRH for their great courtesy and service regardless of the weather conditions.

    • the Fisher family and Liberty Christian Academy for your dedication since 1981 to great Christian education, from Teresa Arthur.

    • the East band and guard for a great finals finish at Mid-State.

    • everyone who volunteered to work a shift, bring in bake-sale items or donated items for another successful W.D Richards Fall Festival, from Richards PTO.

    • TJ Fisher, Destiny and Samantha Foley, Kelsey and Jayden Spray, Jaylin Ballard, Brilynn Martin and Gavin Elkins for excellent report cards, from Uncle Puggy, Aunt Linda, Dalton and Logan.

    • the Cummins team that raked the dog park, from the Dog Park Association Board.

    • Jeff Ping from Vioxx Services for always doing a professional job at the COB, from a COB employee.

    • Jill at Daily’s Farm Market for the warm brownie and everyone at the market for having wonderful fresh food.

    • Olympian Spirit marching band for placing fourth out of 13 bands from three states at the Mid-State Finals in Ohio, from an alumni parent.

    • The Republic for returning Sharon Randall, an outstanding columnist, to the Sunday edition, from Susan and Bill.

    • April Wolfe Scott for her truthful Letter to the Editor, from Mike Hundley.

    • Chasney Ward for helping bake cookies and decorate, from Donna Henderson.

    • Becky Moats for everything, from Linda Mitchell.

    • the girls at the BMV for being so friendly, from Donna Henderson.

    • Smith’s Row for an elegant dining experience on our 55th anniversary, from the Lamberts.

    • my Mennonite friends for singing the beautiful hymns, from Dorothy.

    • Tony Clark for being the best baby brother a girl could have, from Jackie Evans.

    • Haven Eudy for making honor roll, from Memme and Mike.

    • Haven Eudy for making honor roll, from Mom, Ron and Halley.

    • Haven Eudy for making honor roll, from Dad and JoAnne.

    • Madison Arnholt for making Silver Honor Roll, from Mamaw, Papaw and Grandma.

    • Jennifer Kang for making Gold Honor Roll, from Mrs. Driver.

    • Lyndsay Cool for donating $20 when the car broke down, from Tim and Sandy.

    • the thoughtful lady in the Starbucks drive-thru for buying my coffee two weeks ago, a coffee drinker.

    • Zach Rixmann for making Gold Honor Roll, from Grandpa and Grandma.

    • three servicemen who helped to change a tire along State Road 252, from Ron and Eileen Dehnke.

    • the gentleman at Community Church of Columbus for making sure I was legal to vote, a happy voter.

    Onions to…

    • northbound motorists entering Hawcreek Boulevard who veer from the right lane to the left lane when crossing State Street.

    • the fast-food place selling hamburgers at room temperature.

    • department store for closing one hour earlier than advertised.

    • the rude woman who came to my line when I offered to help her and still had a bad attitude.

    • the person who was complaining that the soccer team was mentioned twice in the paper when other sports teams were mentioned far more.

    • the doctor’s office that failed to turn off its weekend message on Monday.

    • a health care facility for booking a colonoscopy five weeks in advance.

    • the school corporation for removing writing from the curriculum.

    • people who drive like there is no one behind them.

    • nursing home staff who park in visitors’ parking spaces.

    • The Republic for covering Columbus North marching band that placed eighth out of 10 bands in a state competition three days in a row when it did not cover the Columbus East marching band that placed fourth out of 13 bands at a multistate competition.

    • The Republic for being biased toward one of the marching band programs.

    • the paper for not covering the Columbus East marching band during finals.

    • the town that lets its residents drive around without mufflers.

    • The Republic for the lack of coverage of Columbus East marching band.

    • churches that failed to turn their heat on Sunday.

    • the hospital that doesn’t have any numbing spray.

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