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Orchids & Onions (November 15, 2012)

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    Orchids to…

    • Dr. Pusca for doing such a great job with my mother’s surgery and your care, concern and fantastic bedside manner, from a grateful daughter.

    • Christie Crippen for her “Sweetie” column in The Republic, from a 62-year-old man who’s been “sweetied,” “honeyed” and even “sugared” by different clerks at the same store.

    • fantastic Parkside PTO for the yummy breakfast Tuesday.

    • the manager at Golden Corral for the excellent job of promoting “veterans eat free” Nov. 12 and having plenty of food and servers available, from longtime customers.

    • Mr. West for your help getting my car jumped, from a grateful nurse.

    • Cathy Wendoski for all the help, from Mary Fenske.

    • Chili’s for its complimentary meals to veterans, from a retired veteran.

    • Shirley Brown for the beautiful, self-designed Veterans Day card, from Lee Trapp.

    • sixth-grade parents for help at the Utopia Wildlife Rehabilitation center, from Mrs. Banta and Hope Elementary’s sixth-grade students.

    • Larry and Tammy for another beautiful day in the country, from your mother.

    • First United Methodist Church for a wonderful Sunday service, from a member.

    • Dollar Tree customer for paying for my purchase, from Betty.

    • Michael Reed for clearing off the patio and putting the summer furniture away, from Grandpa and Grandma Manning.

    • city workers for doing a great job picking up the leaves, from a grateful resident.

    • Maddisyn Zeigler of the East girls team for a great game Friday night, from Dad.

    • students and staff of St. Peter’s Lutheran Church and School for their outstanding Veterans Day program, from David Baphle.

    • Texas Roadhouse for honoring the local veterans, from Cleon Sweeney and Harold Volland.

    • Cindy and Gracie for helping a stranded motorist, from the motorist.

    • Texas Roadhouse for the great lunch as a veteran, from Joe.

    • the REMC repairmen who repaired the lines when a squirrel shorted out the line on a transformer, from the Hensleys.

    • Baily Tillett for making the Rock Creek Honor Roll, from your family.

    • Roxie for taking me out to breakfast, from Rebecca.

    • Meena at Keepsake Village for organizing a patriotic recognition of the resident veterans, and Tom Jester for making certifications to all the veterans on such short notice, from Betty Holder, American Legion Auxiliary Post 23.

    • Columbus restaurants that provided free meals to all the veterans, from a grateful veteran.

    • rural Decatur County paper delivery person for always delivering my paper on time, from a Decatur resident.

    • Christie Crippen for her great column in the paper, from Theresa Deiwert.

    • all the businesses that provided free meals to veterans, from a vet’s wife.

    • the Golden Corral for its wonderful meal, from an old, wily veteran.

    • Drew at the Edinburgh Athletic Department for keeping my chair safe, from a spectator.

    • Willie and Elizabeth Leonard for the excellent job with leases in Tannehill Trailer Park, from a resident.

    • Jill at Kohl’s Department Store for the wonderful help, from Mary.

    • Cummins for help cleaning up East Columbus, Dascal Bunch.

    • Morris Jones for taking care of our yard, from Jack and Bonita.

    • Becky Church of Becky’s Flowers for making the ColumBUS Transit Center look beautiful, from Cindy Setser, Shari Chrisman and ColumBUS city drivers.

    • Christie Crippen for her fantastic article on how to address strangers.

    • Rachel Henry for sharing her beautiful picture in The Republic’s Take Your Best Shot, from a reader.

    • Columbus Service League RIF for the free books, from Fodrea Community School.

    • Rebecca Brown at Southside Elementary and students, for the Veterans Day program, from a veteran.

    • the French couple with three small children at Bob Evans’ evening dinner for having your children perfectly behaved, from Bill, Phyllis, Marie and Mike Kauchure.

    Onions to…

    • inconsiderate people in a local subdivision who insist on setting off fireworks for several hours on a school night in November.

    • businesses that will not hire people who have been through a foreclosure.

    • the factory that has filthy restrooms and breakrooms with cockroaches.

    • the professional painter from Trafalgar who took half the payment without performing any of the work.

    • greedy retailers that open on Thanksgiving, refusing to give their employees one full day off before the Christmas rush.

    • customers who are rude to retail workers who work long hours for little pay.

    • the catering company that brings dogs to work.

    • Black Friday sales and those who want to shop on Thanksgiving.

    • the pastors who will help everyone in the world except their own church members.

    • people who claim to be Christian but then complain about helping family members in need.

    • The Republic for not mentioning Diwali, one of the most important Indian holidays, from Robin Miller.

    • The Republic that cannot figure out which team won the Hauser vs. Brown County game.

    • curbside recycling service.

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