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Orchids & Onions (December 6, 2012)

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    Orchids to

    •    Senior Minister Justin White, Music Minister Dan Wallace, orchestra, choir and everyone who helped make First Christian Church "Adventures in Christmas Worship" so inspiring and joyful, from an appreciative attendee.

    •    the employee at Sam's Club that found my purse, since company policy did not allow me to leave you a finders fee, I placed $20 in The Salvation Army bucket in your honor.

    •    Peggy Wampler for the yummy cookies, from MCS.

    •    Kroger self-service clerk for her extra efforts to help an early morning shopper.

    •    Kristi Minneman for her Letter to the Editor in the Dec. 5 Republic, from another mother.

    •    Aaron Hankins for standing up for our personal freedom and speaking the truth, from an ex-smoker.

    •    the nice couple who let me sit in their extra chair at the parade, from Nancy Green.

    •    Tim at Kroger Pharmacy for being so helpful.

    •    Judy Kiesow for a wonderful Christmas party.

    •    Mark and Jamie Schaefer of Schaefer's Photos for the excellent photos, from Tim and Kelly Waggoner and Tyler Allen Racing.

    •    Coers Family Eyecare for helping me find the best way to use my insurance dollars and the Christian music they play in their office, from a grateful patient.

    •    Mike and Dana DeBaun for the beautiful Christmas decorations and all your hard work, from Lisa Thayer and Dawn Wilson.

    •    Crystal at Smith's Row for helping to make our anniversary extra special, from Larry and Ann Moore.

    •    good Samaritans that stopped on Carr Hill Road Tuesday afternoon to make sure our son was OK after his accident, from Michael and Amy Tracy.

    •    very kind gentleman who jump-started the car for the lady and the little boy in front of the bank in Hope.

    •    David Mitchel for all the great jobs you do for me, from Marilyn.

    •    National Alliance for the Mentally Ill for the outstanding annual Christmas dinner at First Christian Church, from an appreciative client.

    •    Onions to

    •    the person or persons responsible for the evacuation drill in the pouring rain.

    •    The Republic for continued late delivery of the newspaper in the Tipton Lakes area.

    •    the people smoking at the Festival of Lights Parade.

    •    The Republic for not having Sharon Randall in the paper.

    •    gas station attendant who was cursing and screaming into her cell phone while customers waited.

    •    person who did not invite retired employees to the Christmas dinner.

    •    law enforcement for not shutting down illegal gambling machines at a local bar.

    •    person or persons who shot the 150-year-old weather vane off the top of the 150-year-old barn.

    •    those who voted for church to begin at 9 a.m. during the winter months.

    •    newspaper for not having coaches poll for the boys football players.

    •    those who stole balloons from my daughter's birthday table at The Commons playground Saturday morning.

    •    whoever is taking The Republic out of the paper box in Zephyr Village without paying for it.

    •    newspaper delivery person that left an unwrapped soaking wet paper Sunday morning on Hinman Street.

    •    senior church minister who only delivers a few sermons per month.

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