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Orchids & Onions (December 11, 2012)

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     Orchids to

    •    Dr. John and Nancy Gilliland for the wonderful program of Christmas music at our party, from Rugby Chapel.

    •    Peggy and Paul Humes and Betty Lucas for the wonderful breakfast they prepared and served on Sunday, from Elizabethtown United Methodist Church family.

    •    Aaron Hankins for his nanny state warning, from we non-smokers.

    •    Bush's Market for our authentic pioneer experience, from Mrs. Harden and the Richards fourth-graders.

    •    Mike Mullett for his clear statement of the many negative impacts of the Edwardsport Coal Gasification plant and The Republic for printing it, from Noel Taylor.

    •    Bartholomew Consolidated School Corp. for continuing to fund vitally important pre-kindergarten education through Busy Bees.

    •    Tracy Coleman and Cummins Tech Center Team for mulching our trails at the wetlands, from Bartholomew County Solid Waste Management District.

    •    Gary and Marilyn Cheek for visiting my mother, Gloria, in hospice and for being the giving people you are, from Steven Wilson.

    •    honest person in North Vernon who turned my wife's lost billfold in.

    •    Aaron Hankins for his spotlight Letter to the Editor clearly describing the threats to our personal and community liberties, from Don Strietelmeier.

    •    BCSC gentleman at the bus garage who helped me start my car when it died at the doctor's office, from Patty Martin.

    •    Grant in the shoe department at Carson's for helping me find a pair of shoes, from a grateful customer.

    •    Kathy Stump for delivering our Christmas tree, from the Klei family.

    •    Karl at Goodwill for being a super person and helping me out.

    •    Karen Greathouse for her wonderful column in Monday's Republic, from Nancy Warren.

    •    Jayna and Kendal for the specially decorated "Gram" Christmas tree, from Gram.

    •    World of Pentecost choir for the awesome Christmas concert on Sunday.

    •    Judy Devening for helping many veterans file the necessary papers to receive benefits from the VA.

    •    Onions to

    •    whoever stole the $20 worth of gas at the gas station.

    •    the roofing company that charged more than the estimate.

    •    the leadership of the religious school that has no clue how to lead.

    •    Bartholomew County for hiring a family member and not holding them to the same working schedule as other employees.

    •    the person who stares in my window every day.

    •    those who accuse the previous administration of crooked dealing.

    •    person who stole my coat Monday morning.

    •    nosy family members.

    •    noisy child at the Columbus City Band concert who annoyed everyone in the audience.

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