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Orchids & Onions (January 10, 2013)

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Orchids to…

• David Greely for pulling me out when I got stuck, from Jean Fiesbeck.

• Jared and the crew at Bob Poynter for getting my car in, finding and fixing the problem, from Karen Fitzpatrick.

• The lady that shared her umbrella with me while I walked into my work this morning and set the mood for the whole day.

• Officer John Thompson for going beyond your job in helping me get back on the road, from Taletha Baum.

• Bill Acton for the fish dinner last week, from the Foleys.

• Unknown angel who cleared our walks after the snow, from Bob and Sharon Hart.

• The policeman that stopped and picked me up when I ran out of gas and helped me, from Chris.

• Seymour gas stations for keeping their prices constant.

• People that help each other.

• The person who paid my dinner check at Applebee’s on Tuesday night, from Wilma Doup.

Onions to…

• Neighbors who park their vehicles in front of other neighbors’ sidewalks.

• The restaurant that is once again holding Columbus hostage.

• Those who believe all grocery stores need to be open 24/7.

• Gas station on State Road 46 that always raises gas prices and calls the other stations to raise theirs.

• The stoplight at Second and Jackson for holding up inbound traffic when there is no cross traffic.

• Those who use churches to home-school children, using the church’s resources.

• Those who complain about parking between lines but are not careful opening their car doors.

• No turn arrow on the traffic signal at Gladstone and 10th Street.

• Anyone who allows the MSCB group to reopen a restaurant in the Commons.

• Person who threw out a lit cigarette at the gas station.

• The Republic for not publishing Edinburgh playing host to the Johnson County Tourney and not posting the Edinburgh scores.

• The newspaper that feels we need an article about a certain restaurant in Columbus at least four times a week on the front page.

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