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Orchids & Onions (September 16, 2014)

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    Orchids to…

    • Dara Schumaker for sitting in the car and monitoring Joy’s cellphone while she was visiting with the not-for-profit agencies during United Way of Bartholomew County’s Day of Service, from Angie Huebel.
    • The Republic for doing away with the online comments.
    • Cindy Setser at City Transit for your help in making the connections with the City Garage in getting the parking lot stripes painted and the bucket truck to repair our flagpole, from Mill Race Center Facilities.
    • Peggy Williams for all your help with Ryan, from Christy.
    • the Good Samaritans who helped me after I took a fall from my bicycle, from Dan Mustard.
    • Peggy at CVS for helping me with ordering my beautiful canvas family picture.
    • Jacob, lumberyard person at Menard’s Friday evening, for the outstanding service, from the lady in the PT Cruiser.
    • Jim Wheatley for sharing tomatoes and peppers this summer, from Sandy and Lily.
    • the photo and remembrance of Donald Freeman, from a school classmate and Vietnam vet.
    • Ryan Mitchell at World of Pentecost Church for your love and compassion.
    • the two gentlemen and Columbus Police Department officer who helped me with my car trouble in Kohl’s parking lot, from Jan Lewellen.

    Onions to…

    • a society that has become afraid of being politically incorrect.
    • anyone who thinks competition between two identical stores in the same shopping area will be a win-win.
    • the occupants of the sports car on Westenedge last Thursday who yelled obscene messages and displayed obscene gestures to the Northside Middle School runners.
    • The Republic carrier who needs to repair his car muffler.
    • the low-flying plane that buzzed houses all day Sunday.
    • The Republic for eliminating online discussion on their articles.
    • the person who stole the little girl concrete statue from the front of our home in Princeton Park, that was a gift to a granddaughter from her late grandmother and can never be replaced.
    • whoever made the decision to redo the sidewalk corner without taking the sidewalk all the way to the corner along 19th Street.
    • the cruel man in a local addition dragging the dog down the middle of the street on a chain.
    • inspectors who take hours to inspect a small house.
    • those who are too lazy to take shopping carts back to the designated areas.
    • those who claim to believe in the right to free speech but only believe in their own speech and those who agree with their opinions.
    • spending tax dollars for teaching unproven climate change instead of the basics.
    • those who walk through our yard and the park from 5:30 in the morning until 1:30 the next morning.
    • the person who crashed the wedding.
    • those who do not realize that when there is competition someone wins and someone loses.

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