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Orchids & Onions (January 31, 2015)

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    Orchids to…

    • those who focus on good times of loved ones instead of the negative.

    • Shirley Holmes for your letter about the lack of laws or statutes governing home schooling.

    • Peggy Corya for remembering me on my birthday and the lovely fellowship, from Darla Brown.

    • my stepdaughter, Lucy Gibson, for taking the time to search for and find a book I wanted, from Darla Brown.

    • the well-written letter from Dave Pogue, from someone who agrees 100 percent.

    • Beth Ballard for flowers, dinner and dessert that made my day, from a grateful and blessed friend.

    • the Danny Daily family for their help with my husband, Bill, when he fell.

    • Mayor Kristen Brown and the Columbus Fire Department for working well together to make our city safer.

    • the nurses in outpatient surgery for fantastic care when I had my surgery and to Dr. Burdick and Dr. Hadler.

    • Monica Gilp; it’s so nice to finally have a bed to sleep in, from Donna Boldery.

    • Mayor Kristen Brown and the Columbus Police Department for working well together in the battle against drugs and crime.

    • Dave Pogue for your letter on the opinion page, well said, from Diane Smith.

    • Cheryl Owsley Jackson and the African American Ministers Alliance for the outstanding presentation of the updates on the Cary Owsley case, from Janet Schwarz.

    • Onions to…

    • the governor for changing the rules to get his own way.

    • the parents who don’t raise their children right.

    • Columbus grocers that are above the national average of $3.67 per gallon of milk.

    • the office manager of the specialty doctors office who allows a certain employee to come in and work on weekends when the office is closed, when she only does it to get extra overtime.

    • the local school corporation that did not share its state money with all employees.

    • people in housing additions who have nice driveways but refuse to use them and instead park in the street.

    • the driver of the white truck who blatantly drove through the red light at Rocky Ford and Central, putting others’ lives at risk.

    • The newspaper for not realizing there are other university supporters in town besides Indiana University, namely Purdue, Kentucky and Louisville.

    • a liquor store for charging way too much for Zombie Dust.

    • people who drink too much and then blame others for their problems and reputation.

    • past administrations for always making shady deals and hiding behind a veil of secrecy.

    • the government that spent all its money on new roads and bridges but still has no home for the homeless.

    • an apartment complex in Columbus that has many parents who do not make their children mind.

    • the candidate for four disruptive years on the city council.

    • adult children who treat their parents terribly, especially their mothers.

    • city council for voting for a tax abatement for a $5,000 campaign donor.

    • the auto parts store that sold me the wrong valve.

    • a local tanning salon for ripping off loyal customers by repeatedly cutting short my tanning time after I have already paid, and then having such poor customer service when the issue was brought up.

    • theater owners who don’t show movies with heroes like the “Lone Ranger and Tonto,” “Superman” and “Popeye” anymore.

    • the factory that has no appreciation or respect for its employees, works them seven days a week, expects them to put work first over family and then wonders why they can’t keep help.

    • the elected official who claims she doesn’t solicit special-interest campaign contributions but gladly accepts huge contributions from out-of-state donors who have nothing to do with this community, from an Ordinary Joe.

    • to the nonprofit’s new administration for firing old employees for no good reason, from a concerned member.

    • the elected official for posting false information on her Facebook page.

    • elected official who accepts large out-of-state campaign contributions from people with no connection to Columbus who don’t vote or pay taxes here, from a concerned voter.

    • the person who does not understand that the purpose of Onions is for letting off steam.

    • the elected official who characteristically attacked a local business leader on Facebook for supporting her opponent, from an Ordinary Joe.

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