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All moms deserve Mother’s Day cards

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Sunday is Mother’s Day, and I hope that all mothers out there receive the proper pampering from their families and thoroughly enjoy their day.

After years of wishing happy Mother’s Day to my mom and my wife, I still find it difficult to remember that I must now also buy Mother’s Day cards for both my daughters. I also have a 15-year-old granddaughter. If I can stick around long enough, I hope to one day to send her a happy Mother’s Day card too.

I have to admit that Mother’s Day lost a bit of its luster once I could no longer celebrate the day with my mom. Sunday will be the ninth Mother’s Day without her, and it’s still tough. I still get a little sad when I go to buy Mother’s Day cards for my wife and daughters and have to pass right over the section marked “Mother.”

But this year I have decided to send my mom Mother’s Day greetings anyway. I can’t send her a greeting card, as I’m sure I couldn’t afford the postage. So I’m just going to send her Mother’s Day greetings through this column.

Dear Mom,

Happy Mother’s Day. I miss you. I would much prefer to pass along these greetings face-to-face, but that’s not possible, at least not this year.

But I will think of you on Sunday, as I do every Mother’s Day and so many other days. I will remember all those Mother’s Days spent with you and my grandmothers, going out for dinner in our Sunday finest.

While I am sad that you are gone, I am incredibly happy that you once lived. In case you ever wondered if your time on Earth made a difference, I can assure you that it not only did, but continues to with each passing day.

For starters, without you there would be no me or my big sister, Karen. Without Karen there would be no Carrie or Jason. Without Carrie there would be no Bella or Sophie. Without me there would be no Katie or Kelly. Without Katie there would be no Brooke or Erin and without Kelly there would be no Justin.

That’s 11 people who wouldn’t be alive today had you not been born in that tiny front bedroom in Brownsburg all those years ago and — more importantly — decided to be a mother. And that number will continue to grow for generations to come.

If that doesn’t deserve a Hallmark card, I don’t know what does.

This Mother’s Day I am also happy that even though I can no longer see you or talk to you in person, you live on in my memories. Whenever I’m feeling down, I can just close my eyes and watch you do your “rubber legs” dance for a minute or two. It never fails to cheer me up.

You gave me many more fond memories, and for those I am eternally grateful. But you gave me something even more important. You made sure that I knew, with absolute certainty, that no matter what happened, you would always love me with all your heart and soul.

That’s an incredible gift and one I hope I’ve passed on to my daughters.

You would be so proud of them, Mom. They are remarkable women who miss you as much as I do. And though you didn’t get to know your great-grandchildren, trust me, we will make sure they know all about Me-Mo.

Happy Mother’s Day, Mom, from all of us.

If you’re like me, marking another Mother’s Day without your mom, why not take pen to paper, or fingers to keyboard, or even crayons to cardboard, and send her a “card.” It never hurts to remind ourselves of the debt we owe our mothers. Tell her you love her and appreciate her. Sure, she already knows it, but I don’t think she’ll mind hearing it one more time.

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