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First-year top finishers give racing advice

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Name: Danny Fisher

Finish: First

Time: 2 hours, 32 minutes, 51.4 seconds

Residence: Columbus

What made you successful: “Definitely all the hard work we put in. We started training for that back in February and March, which were pretty cold months. The way my work schedule goes, I run in the heat of the day, as well, through the summer, so I think that paid off with the heat we experienced on race day. Running the marathon in general is all about staying nice and relaxed as long as you can, and then it really comes down to who’s toughest. Being tough in your workouts and running a lot of your training runs on your own really pays off.”

Advice for this year’s runners: “Have a plan, have a strategy and stick with it. There are a lot of strategies going into a marathon, but very few stick with them. Everyone has a different strategy, from going out fast to pacing yourself and not to get overanxious or nervous about running in a group or people catching you. Just keep holding to your strategy, and stick to your plan and things will pay off.”

Are you returning this year?: No

Name: Atlee Lambright

Finish: Second

Time: 2:47:17.6

Residence: Topeka

What made you successful: “My time wasn’t as fancy as the No. 1 guy, but I was really relentless. My goal was to finish in the top five, and that’s where I finished, but three people got disqualified for running off course. I kept pushing and pushing, and good things came in the end.”

Advice for this year’s runners: “Expect lonely stretches from Mile 14 to Mile 20, unless you’re running in a group. Mentally I was more tired than physically at that point. One more piece of advice I’d have for the runners: ‘Stay on course.’”

Are you returning this year: “I’m not sure yet. I might qualify for the UKC World Rabbit Hunting Trials, and that’s the same weekend. I’d love to come. If I can, I’m going to try to make it.”

Name: Nick Purdy

Finish: Third

Time: 2:53:22.7

Residence: Brownsburg

What made you successful: “Pacing yourself. Not getting too excited early on. You could feel good early, but you really want to save it until at least after 18-20 miles to pick it up and really start working it.”

Advice for this year’s runners: “Make sure you hit all your water stops. Get all your fluids and your gels. Pace groups are a great thing if they have them. If you get settled in with a group of people, work together.”

Are you returning this year?: “I just signed up to run the marathon again.”


Name: Sarah Ostaszewski

Finish: First

Time: 3:11:58.2

Residence: Crown Point

What made you successful: “I didn’t really have expectations of winning since that was my first marathon. It was such a nice day, and just seeing everyone out really gave me a lot of confidence.”

Advice for this year’s runners: “Go out and enjoy it. Run your best and look at the sights and everything.”

Are you returning this year?: “I’d like to come back, but right now I’m in Portland for an internship for the fall, at least. But I’ve been recommending the Mill Race Marathon to anyone who runs.”

Name: Carol Gensheimer

Finish: Second

Time: 3:18:29.5

Residence: Georgetown, Kentucky

What made you successful: “Starting out slow and keeping my pace moderate at the beginning and continuing it through the end.

Advice for this year’s runners: “Have fun. It’s an awesome course. It’s flat and fast. Mostly, enjoy yourself.”

Are you returning this year?: “I hope so. I’m registered. I have a problem with my hamstrings and haven’t been training for two weeks, but I’m planning to, definitely.”

Name: Leann Banwart

Finish: Third

Time: 3:19:37.6

Residence: Greenwood

What made you successful: “Sticking to a training plan and diligently following it. I ended up getting a stress fracture in my heel early on in the race, and all the long runs and determination I had helped me finish, despite the injury.”

Advice for this year’s runners: “As far as training, find a good plan and stick to it. Speed workouts are good if you want to increase the pace. As far as the race, it’s probably good to start out slower than you goal pace for the first five miles. Also, stay hydrated and make sure that you’re fueling up consistently throughout the race.”

Are you returning this year?: “Maybe. If my foot holds out.”


Name: Cynthia Jerop

Finish: First

Time: 1:15:01.0

Residence: Mobile, Alabama

What made you successful: “Good training, and the course is very good for the half-marathon. The people who are cheering on the side of the road are very friendly.”

Advice for this year’s runners: “They should train and hydrate themselves very well. Last year, it was a little bit warmer.”

Are you returning this year: “I would like to defend my title and go for the course record.”

Name: Irina Alexandrova

Finish: Second

Time: 1:16:50.3

Residence: Hebron, Kentucky

What made you successful: “I was in very good condition and did the half-marathon for a workout.”

Advice for this year’s runners: “If a runner will be training well, they can do very well.”

Are you returning this year?: No

Name: Rebecca Walter

Finish: Third

Time: 1:19:01.0

Residence: Bloomington

What made you successful: “I’m in a really lucky situation. Last year, I was training with the IU women’s cross-country team.”

Advice for this year’s runners: “Stay consistent with training. Don’t take too long of breaks. You have to get out there consistently.”

Are you returning this year?: “I have a little different schedule than last year. I’m training for Ultra races. But the Mill Race was definitely a highlight last year.”

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