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Letter: Action needed to stop guns, tragedies

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From: William Scarbrough


On Jan. 25 I had just finished reading John Krull’s column titled “It’s time for real discussion about guns in America,” when I learned of a shooting in a mall in Columbia, Md. Three people shot dead. One was the gunman, a suicide I learned later, and the other two not even known to him in any way. This troubled teenager wanted 15 minutes of fame accompanying his suicide.

Tragic indeed. And besides this tragedy, the terror expressed by shoppers in the mall was compelling. Men, women, many with children, describing their panic, not knowing where the next gunshots would come from while attempting to find what they hoped would be protective shelter.

As much as I respect Krull for suggesting the need for discussion and presenting an unorthodox way to achieve it, we are beyond the need for discussion and desperately need action to stop the carnage.

Krull wrote that state Rep. Jim Lucas, R-Seymour, recently authored a bill permitting students and faculty to bring guns to schools in their cars. It is my opinion, but I would bet my last dollar that Lucas did not “author” that bill without help from the American Legislative Exchange Council (ALEC) and the NRA.

ALEC is a powerful group funded by the Koch brothers that is also paid by the NRA to write model legislation favorable to gun manufacturers. I think the Lucas bill has eerily similar parts to the ALEC/NRA model. And recently, a teaching assistant was shot to death on the Purdue campus.

The fear stoked by the NRA has resulted in armed militias to fight tyranny to keeping a gun in your house to stop intruders.

Meanwhile the NRA has so twisted the Second Amendment that any applied regulation is immediately deemed an intrusion on an individual’s rights. No other amendment is without regulation whether it’s income taxes or freedom of speech. All with the exception of the Second are regulated.

Since this letter was submitted, the following have occurred:

Feb. 2 — A 60-year-old man, Von I. Meyer, with 47 guns was arrested after telling his wife he “would kill her” at Jane Ball Elementary School and “would kill as many people as he could before police could stop him.”

Jan. 28 — Two shot to death at as gas station on the east side of Indianapolis.

The NRA must be stopped. ALEC must be exposed and stopped. Laws must then be written to reduce the fear, deaths and debilitating injuries resulting.

What kind of a country have we become when we pass laws that require a nonviable fetus to be saved in the corpse of a woman but pass laws that allow us to increase the potential of death or injury with guns.

The first task is to stop ALEC. Accomplish that with your vote against their candidates in November. Once they are stopped, stopping the NRA will be easy. Consider what that would do for society.

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