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Letter: Can we find sensible gun violence fixes?

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From: William Scarbrough


Can the U.S., awash in gunfire, find common sense solutions to stop the bloodletting?

Yes, if every organization supporting so-called gun rights by advocating more guns is understood to be the cause of the unfettered proliferation of weaponry and ammunition.

Yes, if more people, like social studies teacher Alex Engelbert, were aware of the actual history of the Second Amendment and not the convoluted sound bites invented by the irresponsible leaders of the NRA.


No, because Columbus Mayor Kristen Brown has refused to join the U.S. Mayors Against Gun Violence efforts to bring sensible restrictions to gun use.

No, when congressmen like 6th District Rep. Luke Messer, R-Indiana, consider their “A” rating from the NRA more important than complying with the preamble to the U.S. Constitution.

No, when gun laws permit a straw purchaser, Dawn Nguyen, to buy two assault rifles. She was accompanied by a convicted felon who subsequently murdered two firefighters with the weapons when they responded to a house fire in Webster, New York, started by the murderer.

Neither the store nor the manufacturer of the guns can be found liable for selling the weapons or how the weapons were used. Guns, ammunition and gun dealers are protected by a 1998 law against such legal recourse. No other consumer products or businesses have this level of protection.

In 1991, Wayne LaPierre was appointed executive vice president of the NRA. LaPierre then began a very successful campaign to unseat anyone in an elected office who did not comply with NRA dictates.

The latest exercise of this perverted activity resulted in two judges being recalled after they ruled in favor of gun restrictions in Colorado, the same state that experienced the brutal slaughter of children and adults at Columbine High School and an Aurora movie theater. I imagine LaPierre put another two notches in his gun belt after this success.

Just recently we’ve become aware of a 9-year-old girl accidentally killing an instructor at a shooting range while using an automatic rifle firing 10 bullets per second.

The target she was aiming at was also a man, not a bull’s-eye. Two days later, as reported in the New York Times, NRA Women put out a feature titled, “7 Ways Children Can Have Fun at the Shooting Range.” It was taken down shortly after without explanation.

The only way to stop the NRA’s repugnancy is in the voting booth. Republicans eagerly support the NRA.

These are the same politicians who don’t believe in climate change, don’t believe a woman should have the right to determine her own reproductive health, don’t believe in evolution.

Elect politicians willing to debunk the NRA, the gun industry support, and there will be no blood-soaked money for the NRA.

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