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Letter: Citizens misinformed about Kerry’s record

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From: J. Stuart Cundiff


Received: Feb. 2

I must take umbrage at the recent media reports concerning the appointment of John Kerry as secretary of state. These reports variously describe him as a “decorated Vietnam war veteran” or, worse yet, a “decorated Vietnam war hero.”

Let us review the facts. At the time the tour of duty in Vietnam was 12 months. There was a policy that if a person received three Purple Hearts he could be reassigned before the 12 months. Within 120 days Kerry has three Purple Hearts, all under questionable circumstances, including the first, which was “awarded” for a wound sustained when he fired an M-79 grenade launcher hitting a nearby beach, exploding and “wounding” him with a piece of shrapnel which the naval doctor removed with tweezers and described as “1 millimeter long and 2 millimeters wide.”

He was transferred out of Vietnam, assigned to a supply ship plying between California and the Far East and then stateside as an aide to a Navy admiral. Subsequently, he was discharged six months early in order to run for Congress in his home state of Massachusetts.

He soon learned that in the home of the liberal “Lion of the Senate” a “war hero” did not garner many votes, so he joined an anti-Vietnam War organization and on Nov. 7, 1971, at a rally along with some other members, denounced the war and threw his medals into the dirt.

There is much more but space does not allow me to expound. Let me hasten to say that all of this, and more, can be easily verified through public records; and videos of some of his actions can be viewed on YouTube.

Eight years ago when he was running for the presidential nomination, he was vilified by his contemporaries in Vietnam. He lost that bid. But now, he has garnered the fourth most powerful position in the nation by a vote. Not a vote of the American people but by a vote of 94-3 (he voted “present”) of his cronies in the Senate. The two senators from Texas voted, “Nay.”

All we can do now is adopt a “wait and see” posture to see what new policies will be instituted during the next four years.

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