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Letter: Columbus not just limited to downtown

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From: Rosanne Gordon


On Jan. 19, there was a quiz in the Lifestyle section of the newspaper titled, “How Well Do You Know Columbus?” As I am a fan of quizzes, I immediately pounced on this one and was happy to note that I recognized 90 percent right off the bat. However, as I took a second look at the buildings represented, I noticed a puzzling common theme; all of the buildings seemed to be located in the historic Columbus area, between First and 10th streets.

Perhaps the quiz would have more accurately been called, “How Well Do You Know Your Downtown Columbus?”

While I recognize that the downtown area has the majority of the historical and architectural pieces that Columbus is known for, both nationally and internationally, I couldn’t help but think that here was yet another reporting piece that seemed to send the message that the whole of Columbus was made up of only a few blocks and a limited amount of structures.

It seems that, by the standard of our local media at least, Columbus as a town has been reduced to the western edge that is tucked up next to the river.

Meanwhile, the other sections of the town receive little to no recognition. I was very disappointed that there didn’t seem to be any points of interest in the quiz that were from varied sections of town.

I must have missed the meeting where our town was restructured to include only a few blocks surrounding the courthouse. While that section of Columbus may be what draws the majority of our tourists and brings national attention, it is important to remember that it is only that — a section of the city.

Surely there are things about other sections of the town that are worthy to note, on an artistic and nostalgic level. I would have loved to have seen more variety in this quiz. Would you have been able to identify the globe that rotates over a stack of granite books, or known the former location of the happily waving clown?

As our city continues to grow to the west and the north, it is important to remember that it does not make up the whole of Columbus, a fact that seems to be skewed in our local media. The southern and eastern portions of the town are vital sections also, economically and even artistically, and certainly historically.

Even though they may not be as glamorous as the downtown section, does that make them any less of a part of our city?

Our local media need to remember that there should be a balance between highlighting the beauty and history of the downtown area and the town as a whole. Pieces such as the one featured that Sunday could be seen as another brick in the wall that separates the downtown Columbus area from the rest of the town.

It is pieces like this that make me want to ask local reporters, “How well do you know Columbus?”

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