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Letter: Don’t tighten gun rules for law-abiding citizens

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From: Larry Clipp


Received: Feb. 7

There is no excuse for the attacks on legally owned, legally purchased firearms by law-abiding citizens of this country. We have been subjected to another four years to a desperate government in financial trouble.

They prey on peoples’ emotions to pass a combination of socialist, communist laws themselves are truly responsible for their own protection and well being. People who believe that more gun control will bring safety to our society have been blinded by the liberal media reporting and supporting the person sitting in the White House and his agenda.

It is time for those of us who know the true meaning of being gun-owning citizens to push back and educate those who are less informed of what it means to be responsible gun owners, no matter what type of gun we choose to own. The less informed non-gun owners are getting their opinions formed by the left-leaning media using tragedies like Sandy Hook.

We need to change this. Obama is touring the country to push his gun control plan, how ironic it is that he is only going to those areas of the country that support him. Why does he not go to the parts of this country who are pro gun? Because he knows his voice won’t be heard over those of us who do not want nor do not deserve to be forced into “his way of thinking.”

You cannot be a proud people if you have to rely on a government that wants to tax you into submission, use bully politics to get their way and favor throwing away our Constitution and the amendments that truly make the people of this country the ones who own it, not the person in the White House. States all across this country are already serving notice to Obama that his new gun control agenda will not be enforced and are passing legislation to prevent federal infringement on those states pro-gun population.

Write your state reps and tell them we want the same legislation and send the word to Obama that his agenda is not welcome here. If you are a gun owner and not a member of the NRA, join.

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