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Letter: Enjoy miracle of life - gay, straight or lesbian

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From: Michael Greven


Received: March 27

Each person on this planet comes to this Earth in the same way. We are born without one clue as to who we will be, where we will be or who our parents are to be.

We have absolutely no control over whether we are 6 feet tall, white and have blue eyes or if we are 5-foot-6, black and have brown eyes. What we do have in common is that we are all given the opportunity to enjoy the miracle of life and all of its wonders, challenges and sorrows.

Each of us is different, and some of us are born with different desires and feelings. When you were born, you had no control over whether you would be gay, straight or lesbian. That is something that your DNA organized without the input of you, your parents, the church or state.

What we do have as human beings is a wonderfully developed sense of compassion, love and feelings. Some denominations of the Abrahamic faiths would have us believe that being anything other than heterosexual is fundamentally wrong.

This is akin to being tried in Salem for practicing witchcraft. What is fundamentally wrong is that these “faiths” have the audacity to believe that their religion should have the authority to judge someone.

At present we have our state legislators considering a ban on the marriage of anyone other than a heterosexual couple. More plainly written, the government wants to deny you the right to love someone fully and enjoy the full benefits of that love just because you don’t meet the criteria of a specific religious group.

That is fundamentally wrong, period. The church and state are separate, and the state is required to ensure that all people are able to fully enjoy their lives, regardless of assertions by one faith or another.

Amending our state’s Constitution to deny anyone a fundamental human right should not be acceptable to any Hoosier or any American.

We are all welcome to practice the faith of our choice, but while doing that we need to respect the rights of all people, without insisting that they compromise their personal integrity.

I am confident our federal Supreme Court will recognize the importance of protecting the rights of all of our citizens.

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