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Letter: Help children build foundation for success

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From: Kristin Munn


Received: Oct. 27

As a parent, I chose to pay for my daughter to attend First Presbyterian Preschool and look forward to sending my son when he is old enough to attend.

I have fond memories of picking Izzy up from preschool and listening as she excitedly recalled her latest adventure, the new friend that she met or hearing her sing a song about the colors of the rainbow or the seven continents. There was rarely a day that we made it to the car before she was pulling papers from her bag to display her latest achievement. When she was 4, she asked me, “Mommy, do you know about metamorphosis?”

I knew that she needed to be around other kids her age and that she would benefit from the opportunity to learn from someone other than me or my husband. What surprised me was the self-confidence and pride that she developed. At this time, I was only working part time, and it was a stretch for our budget, but her enthusiasm and love for learning made it worth every penny.

With the help of preschool, children not only gain a strong foundation that allows them to enter kindergarten prepared, but it also provides the opportunity to open their minds, to build relationships and inspire a love of learning.

Statistics show that children who attend preschool are more likely to graduate from high school and pursue higher education, they are less likely to commit crimes and recent studies even link preschool to a lower incidence of obesity in children. The fact is, preschool is good for kids.

Through no fault of their own, many children are unprepared for the challenges of kindergarten. Lacking the basic foundations, their first exposure to formal education leaves them feeling inadequate. For these children, learning is a frustration rather than a joy.

Supporting the Pre-K for All referendum will provide all children, regardless of income, the opportunity to develop a strong foundation for learning and future success.

Little minds are hungry for knowledge, and young children deserve a chance to learn, to be inspired and to use their imaginations. They deserve to be empowered by knowledge, to have a sense of pride and to feel “smart.” All children deserve to enter kindergarten confident and prepared to succeed. Preschool can provide these opportunities and much, much more.

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