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Letter: Life too short; take time for smiles, laughs

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From: Cheyenne Nelson


I think we, the people, need to take a moment and ask ourselves: Where has all the fun gone?

As we trudge off to work day after day and robotically perform the select tasks that are asked of us, does anyone ever stop and think when the last time real laughter ran through your body? Not the “chuckle to make someone feel better” type or the “programmed involuntary laugh” that one uses, mostly when they aren’t paying attention, and it’s not a laugh to remember anyway.

Quite frankly whenever I hear those types of laughs, I feel the need to bash my head into exactly 14 walls and then hopefully by that time I won’t remember what that fake laughter sounded like. No, I’m talking about the type of laughter that shakes everything inside you. The type of laughter that can bring a smile to passersby because it’s so infectious, so genuine.

I’m 19 years old. Is laughter leaving your life around that age? I’m constantly looking for it, but it’s nowhere to be found. Laughter slowly began to leave me over the course of puberty, go figure, and has not returned. Every now and then it makes a small appearance, but then it disappears shortly after. Is it life? Yes, I know one answer to that would be, “Only if you let it.”

Does life suck it out of you with an evil grin on its face? The older and more mature I get, the more life begins to feel like a Monopoly game. Yeah it’s fun at first, but there’s only so many times you can go around the board and not want to tear up all your fake money, throw it in the other players’ faces and find something else to do.

There is joy in life all around, but it’s hard to take time out of jobs, children, school, financial situations or family problems to let joy fully come back into your life again.

I just want to hear everyone really laughing or just smiling so your joy will rub off. Joy can be spread. So the next time you’re out on the town, smile, please, because if you have the ability to make someone else smile, then you have put a little light into their day, and that is something that one should truly smile about.

More importantly, are you aware of what you have to do when laughing? Smile.

Because life is short, and we are all too young to die, but that reason never stops death, does it? So just smile, because you all have fantastic qualities. Whether your smile is gap-toothed or rotten, all gums or brace-filled, your smile is beautiful. And maturity is for squares.

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