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Letter: Little separates elephants, donkeys

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From: Danny Bill


Received: Sept. 21

If you follow politics , you’re noticing they’re as divisive and ugly as they’ve ever been. We’re told by our trustworthy politicians that it’s because the other party has either gone so left that they’re reading Marx or because the other party is so laissez-faire that they’re going to let a corporation throw your starving grandmother off a cliff. The reality is that both political parties have more in common than ever before. When there is no real contrast to speak of, they have to incite hatred, they have to lie, and the argument can never be based on truth or reality. It is inevitable that in a two party system, both parties will eventually become exactly the same. When voters always choose to vote for the lesser of two evils, you will always end up with two identical evils. In a two party system, it’s crucial to both parties that you never notice this. They can’t have you choosing a third option. So they’ll tell you that “throwing your vote away” is just a vote for the other guy, and the other guy this time is so evil that we’ll never recover.

If you don’t believe me, just open your eyes and ears. The Republican convention warned us of the fiscal cliff, the growing national debt. They’re the only ones who will cut spending, the only party with the courage to make the tough decisions. Never mind that they’ve contributed just as much to the debt as Democrats. Just ask them what these tough budget cuts will be. We heard a lot of talk about cuts from the GOP, the cuts they wouldn’t make. They promised to preserve entitlements, they promised increases in defense spending, they certainly won’t touch education, and they did not mention one department they would eliminate. Before they’ve even started tackling the debt, they’ve guaranteed that 80 percent of the budget is off limits. In fact, the only specific cuts mentioned at the RNC were cuts from Medicare that they accused Obama of and attacked him for.

We were told by the Democrats that Bush was a warmonger who destroyed our civil liberties in the process. Barack Obama, we’re told by the Republicans, is an appeaser who goes on apology tours and is weak on national defense. The reality is that President Obama is a neo-conservative on steroids. He’s increased the troop numbers in Afghanistan. Sure, he ended the Iraq War, after Iraq kicked him out against his wishes. He’s illegally bombed Yemen, Pakistan and Libya. He re-signed the Patriot Act that took away our Fourth Amendment under Bush. He assassinated an American in Yemen and that citizen‘s 16-year-old son. He signed the National Defense Authorization Act that lets him detain Americans indefinitely without trial. By all measures, Obama is George Bush.

But wait! If we elect Obama, we’re going to have this socialized medical system. If we vote for Romney, we’re going to have this free market health care system where people die on the streets. If you’re a Republican, you can’t be allowed to notice that George Bush expanded the role of the federal government in health care with Medicare Part D. Pay no attention to the fact that Romney blazed the trail in Massachusetts for an individual mandate, thought up years earlier by Newt Gingrich and the conservative Heritage Foundation. If you’re a Democrat, you should not be panicked at the idea of a Romney presidency. Romney will not repeal Obamacare.

Americans should wake up and realize that we live in an Orwell novel. Don’t blindly support parties like a zombie.

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