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Letter: More restrictive gun laws detriment to our society

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From: Elizabeth Lowe


I have been reading articles from around the nation regarding gun control for years now. At issue is a person’s right to carry a concealed weapon in public areas or to even own weapons at all.

According to the Second Amendment to the Constitution, all of us have a right to own a firearm if we so wish (unless you are a convicted felon).

This right was granted so that we all have the rights of self-defense, can resist oppression and also defend our country as necessary.

Now, to address the recent accidental gun discharge: That’s what it was, an accident.

First and foremost, I hope the gun owner realizes now the importance of keeping the chamber clear. Yes, it was sad someone got hurt. Yes, we were all lucky that the person only got grazed by the bullet and that no one else was harmed. This is a teaching moment for anyone who carries a firearm in public.

As for needing stricter gun laws, I do protest that assumption. I have seen numerous articles of late about businesses that declare themselves to be “gun-free zones,” and like our schools around the country, they suddenly become repeat targets of criminals.

Is this what you want to happen in Columbus? I know I sure don’t.

Just look at cities with gun-free policies, like Chicago. Look at how poorly their utopian plan works. Look at how violent that city has become, all because law-abiding citizens are not allowed to carry any type of defense.

Is that what you want our city to emulate? Do you want Columbus to become like Indianapolis and Chicago?

Indianapolis is fast becoming just as deadly; shootings, sometimes multiples in one day, happen there. Granted it’s nearly all the criminal element shooting each other, but too many innocent bystanders are being caught in the crossfire as well.

Isn’t it more prudent of all law enforcement to focus on removing weapons from criminals and crack down on their illegal possession of weapons rather than harass and steal away law-abiding citizens’ rights to defend themselves and carry their own weapons?

Also, think for a few moments about what would happen to our nation if we became a totalitarian state, took away all gun rights like what’s happened in Europe and leave our people with no ability to defend themselves against attackers and a tyrannical government run amok. I shudder to think what would become of our nation if this happened. We cannot let one incident instill such fear and hostility against law-abiding gun owners.

So I would ask that all proponents of further gun restrictions against law-abiding citizens take a cold, hard look at reality and what it would really cost us all to promote and pass further gun laws.

You will then realize it is not a good idea and in fact would be a detriment to our society at large. Thank you.

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