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Letter: NRA plan for police in schools isn’t new

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From: Arnie Krause


Received: Dec. 28

The NRA’s Dec. 21 proposal was laughed at and ridiculed by the liberal media, along with many calling Wayne LaPierre’s proposal insane and impractical, along with name-calling. That is strange since former President Bill Clinton proposed an additional $60 million in federal grants for the Department of Justice’s already existing “COPS in Schools” program after the school shooting at Columbine High School. Where were the liberals that failed to condemn him for this same action?

It has been reported that the COPS in Schools program continued to fund more than $753 million in grants to place new police officers in schools through 2005. Although that program was discontinued during the George W. Bush administration, a similar DOJ program called “Secure Our Schools” continued to provide school security grants until that program was discontinued by the Obama administration in 2012. Technically, President Barack Obama was putting cops in schools long before the NRA proposed the idea.

School shooting statistics show that from 10-1-97 through 4-12-12 (15 years) and now including the Sandy Hook shooting listed 89+26=115 killed and 101 wounded plus 11 of the shooters that killed themselves. In perspective, school shootings are anomalies compared to all shootings. According to the FBI, there were 8,583 murders last year that involved all types of firearms. A breakdown: Handguns, 72 percent; all rifles, 4 percent; shotguns, 4 percent, other types, 20 percent.

Before all of those killed in the Sandy Hook School shooting were removed from the school, California Sen. Diane Feinstein, New York Mayor Michael Bloomberg and other gun-control advocates were calling for another ineffective assault weapons ban. They used Rahm Emanuel’s well-known tactic, “You never want a serious crisis to go to waste,” to promote the progressive agenda.

According to “A Guide to Mass Shootings in America,” of the 137 guns possessed by killers, more than three-quarters were obtained legally, as none of them had a criminal background and passed the FBI check for purchasing a firearm.

I recommend reading a Cato Institute white paper that states “tens of thousands of crimes” are prevented each year in the United States by legally armed citizens exercising their Second Amendment right to self-defense. Another study that debunks more gun-control proposals is “The False Promise of Gun Control” by Daniel D. Polsby, which is easily found on the web. He states, “Guns don’t increase national rates of crime and violence, but the continued proliferation of gun-control laws almost certainly do.”

It has been reported that the federal assault-weapons ban, when in effect, was not responsible for any decline in gun-related violence and its unlikely renewal would achieve little effect. This according to an independent study commissioned by the National Institute of Justice (NIJ).

NIJ could not clearly credit the ban with any reduction in gun violence.

As tragic as all school or mass shootings are, preventing them by passing another feel-good law will never stop a determined, deranged person from causing another senseless killing and shooting themselves before the police arrive.

Gun control should be defined as doing the same thing over and over, expecting different results.

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