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Letter: NRA’s recent actions show it’s out of touch

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From: William Scarbrough


Idaho has passed and the governor signed a new gun law that allows students to openly carry guns on campus.

Bill 875 in Georgia allows concealed weapon permit holders to carry their weapons in bars, churches, other houses of worship, parts of airports and courthouses, and makes it easier on college campuses.

Montana and Florida have passed laws that subject doctors to discipline if they discuss gun ownership with their patients.

What will the NRA think of next?

These are three examples of a plethora of new gun laws supported by the NRA with the assistance of the Koch brothers money and ALEC. Until the citizens of this country speak up to stop the NRA, the excessive proliferation of guns will continue.

The twisted logic, used by the NRA, of what the Second Amendment means is now applied to the takings component of the Fifth Amendment and also the 10th Amendment, justifying a state’s right to nullify federal law.

Shameful is too kind a word to describe the NRA.

But the NRA should not be banned, according to Ronald Hoevener (The Republic, April 9). He states that he “assumes” the health costs of firearm use I referred to in my previous letter “came from NRA member guns only.” First of all, I recall being told many years ago that you can make three words out of A-S-S-U-M-E. They’re not flattering. Secondly, and most important, I never wrote a word about “NRA member guns.” What I can tell you follows:

In 2010 there were 11,087 homicides. During the same time period there were 19,392 suicides by firearms. More than 75 percent of the guns used by people up to age 19 in suicide attempts or unintentional injuries were stored in their homes or in the homes of a relative or friend.

Unintentional use of a gun resulted in 606 deaths of people during the same year. Unbelievably, 48 of those 606 deaths were caused by children younger than 6.

These are the facts for the three categories of gun use in 2010. No assumptions are made. Look up those I cited for yourself. The website is

As far as I can determine, there are no facts about the use of “NRA member guns.”

The saddest thing is that we could stop most of the deaths by suicide and accidents and even some homicides by the use of smart safes and or smart guns.

A smart safe is a steel box designed and sized to contain firearms from handguns to rifles. The only way to open the box is for only the owner of the gun to simply wave his/her hand at it. It uses the same technology as your smartphone. The biometric gun is a second option.

The NRA is vehemently opposed to both because they violate its twisted interpretation of the Second Amendment. Simply outrageous. Stop the NRA now.

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