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Letter: Not buying pro-NRA arguments toward guns

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From: William Scarbrough


Received: Jan. 25

For decades, the National Rifle Association has framed its position on gun control in such a way that a majority of their members as well as state and federal lawmakers believe Second Amendment rights preclude any restrictions on guns. But the citizens of this country are not buying that.

Nationwide polling since President Barack Obama announced his initiatives for gun control show a majority of people, ranging from 54 to 91 percent, approve of measures such as closing loopholes at gun shows to banning semiautomatic rifles and large-capacity ammunition magazines. But our lawmakers don’t seem to be buying that.

How could there be such a divergence between those empowered to enact laws, in an elective democracy, and those for whom the laws apply?

Because of the NRA. It has paid an overwhelming majority of lawmakers to do their bidding. These lawmakers receive money and support for their election campaigns. The NRA also threatens a lawmaker’s elective prospects if they don’t take its blood money and vote for its agenda.

Since they can’t buy the public, why do 46 percent of our citizens think assault rifles and large-capacity ammunition magazines should not be banned?

Because of the NRA. It uses revisionist history to instill fear to defend against a potentially tyrannical government. This fear fuels the need of the 46 percent for more firepower. This is why gun manufacturers pay the NRA.

At the root of revisionist history is the NRA’s take on the Second Amendment. Foremost is the opinion that the rights conferred by the amendment exclude any restrictions or regulations about guns or ammunition. Nonsense.

As far back as 1792, restrictions were passed declaring a white rifle owner could have a quarter-pound of gunpowder and 20 rifle balls.

According to NRA revisionist history, the Second Amendment was written to defend against a tyrannical government, as the country had just done with regard to King George III. Wrong.

James Madison’s first draft of the amendment included “the security of a free country.” Patrick Henry and other Southern delegates insisted the wording be changed to “the security of a free state.” Their fear was if the word country was used, the federal government might go after the right, in their states, to fight any insurrection by their slaves. It had nothing to do with the king.

Of course, the most recent bit of revisionist history involves the Heller decision of the Supreme Court. Heller by a 5-4 vote made it legal to keep a gun in your home for defense. Period.

Heller did not say, as NRA Vice President Wayne LaPierre said this week, that the Second Amendment gives us the right to be armed and protected exactly as much as the police are armed and protected. God knows what he’ll come up with next. He’s already convinced many to believe that gun possession is a God-given right. What kind of twisted religion has a God that grants the right of gun possession?

I used to believe that the Second Amendment was the root of the problem of guns in this country. I was wrong. It’s the NRA and its boot lickers.

The corruption of our democratic government by the NRA must be brought to an end. The fear it instills on a susceptible populace is a malignancy. It must end. This is an organization not as much about rights as wrongs. The gun swamp it has created must be drained.

More guns mean more killings, more gun injuries, more gun accidents, more gun suicides.

The gun is always more an instrument of escalation than an instrument of protection.

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