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Letter: O.J. Simpson trial captivated nation

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From: Faye Anne Morris


Received: Nov. 20

In 1995, the O.J Simpson trial monopolized our lives. We bought and read every book about the case.

My parents were still alive. I’d call my folks in Lebanon, and they were always watching, arranging their meals to coincide with the trial so they could eat off of TV trays and not miss a second.

My Dad loved O.J. Simpson, having watched him for years on the football field. No matter how much evidence was presented, he never, ever believed O.J. did it. My mother, on the other hand, was positive O.J. was guilty.

We argued long-distance and during visits about O.J’s Bronco ride, the tainted blood, blood on O.J.’s socks, the glove behind O.J.’s house, Kato Kaelin (the wannabe movie star and feeder of O.J.’s dogs), testimony from the neighbors, maid, cab driver, the melting ice cream cone left on Nicole’s stair banister and how long it would take to melt, Nicole’s destroyed artificial breasts and the courtroom erupting in applause the day prosecutor, Marcia Clark, came in with a new hairdo.

I can’t forget the colorful Judge Ito who loved the camera, seeming to thrive on his new fame.

There was no bigger suspense than when the prominent lawyer, Johnny Cochran, dramatically handed the infamous glove to O.J. to try on. You could have heard a pin drop.

When the last day arrived, most people in the world were tuned in. The mostly black jury declared O.J. not guilty. All hell broke loose across the

country. O.J.’s lawyers, Shapiro and Cochran, strutted around like peacocks, hugging and backslapping, O.J. sat stunned expressionless, and prosecutor Marcia Clark and cohort sat in shock! I think Judge Ito was sad it was finally over.

My Dad was pleased as punch at the outcome and my mother didn’t speak to my Dad for a couple days.

Today on the news it was reported a serial killer’s brother believes his brother murdered Nicole Simpson and Ronald Goldman and is producing what he says is evidence. Stay tuned.

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