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Letter: Obama gets vacations while nation in debt

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From: Gary Reynolds


I am glad to see that Richard Stapleton agrees with me in his Feb. 20 letter that millions of people do not want to waste their time listening to what President Obama has to say when he appears on TV.

Stapleton missed the point I was trying to make. This great country of ours is the best country in the entire world, but we are in trouble, and we need to turn things around quickly. All of those people who voted for Obama wanted the change he promised. Well, you got the change you wanted.

The national debt has more than doubled since he took office. This great country has accumulated more debt than any other country in the world. The national debt has grown to more than $17 trillion. To put this in perspective, our national debt is larger than the total economies of China, the United Kingdom and Australia combined.

Approximately $4.6 billion of that debt is money that the government has borrowed from itself by writing IOUs and taking the money from Social Security and Medicare. How many times have you heard that Social Security is running out of money over the last few years? Funny isn’t it, that you don’t ever hear that welfare is running out of money.

Obama has done his fair share of contributing to this outrageous debt himself. His staff is the largest in the history of the presidency. The last count listed his staff at 469 senior staff working under him, and 226 of those are paid in excess of $100,000 per year.

The Obama vacations get a lot of publicity, and rightly so. In 2010 the taxpayers spent over

$1 million on the Obamas’ Hawaii vacation. In 2011 alone the taxpayers spent an astounding $1.4 billion on the Obamas. In comparison the British taxpayers only spent $57.8 million on the entire royal family.

Wouldn’t it be nice if the average American could spend over $100,000 per year to take care of their family pets, the way the Obamas do for their family dog, Bo? With over

40 million people on food stamps, over 100 million people on welfare, would you consider these Obama vacations to be an appropriate way to spend U.S. taxpayers’ money?

Stapleton thinks a “wait and see” approach is the way to go to see if Obama goes down in history as the worst president the U.S. has ever had. As far as I am concerned, we’re way past that “wait and see” period. Obama is No. 1.

As far as the health care disaster, the best way to determine if it is a good thing for the American citizens is to understand why the politicians are exempt from having to take part in it. That should tell you all you need to know.

God bless the USA.

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