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Letter: People kill people, not guns, cars or planes

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From: Kenneth VanLiew


Received: April 18

We are all saddened by the recent massacre of 28 souls (the media still reports 26), including 20 children in Newtown, Conn.

This shooting quickly instigated the anticipated knee-jerk reaction in Washington and some states. Legislation was proposed to increase background checks and limit sale of certain guns and magazine sizes. While these may seem like worthy endeavors by some, their passage will do nothing to prevent such an occurrence. Mr. Lanza was mentally deranged.

The terrorists who did 9/11 were not deranged but were intent on mass murder of those they hate.

They did not just decide to go for a plane ride (in a registered plane) but set out to kill us infidels. Their weapon of choice was a plane, not a gun.

The Chicago gang violence is not done by deranged people but rather is about two groups who just plain don’t like each other. Certainly there is no Christian love among them.

In 2010, there were 19,292 firearm-related suicide deaths, or 53 per day. There were 11,028 firearm-related homicides, or 30 per day. Sixty five percent of suicides are firearm-related.

In perspective there were 32,000 people killed in automobile accidents in 2011, or 89 per day. That’s almost three times the rate of firearm-related homicides.

There were about 13,000 alcohol related traffic deaths or 35 per day. The data shows that there are about the same number of alcohol caused deaths as there are firearm-related homicides, but they get no national press because they happen one at a time.

Drunk drivers do not set out to kill. The alcohol has messed up their brains to where they think they can do things that they can’t.

In all of these death cases, the people pass from life to death and must face the same judgment from their creator.

Guns, airplanes and automobiles do not kill people. People kill people. Yet in Exodus Chapter 20 we hear Christ saying in the sixth commandment “Thou shall not kill.” Why do we?

The three main causes of all these deaths are alcohol abuse, mental derangement or hatred.

 All are treatable, and most are preventable.

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