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Letter: Support amendment; join weapons group

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From: Larry Clipp


This is a call to all you gun-loving, Second Amendment supporters. The NRA is the one organization that fights day and night, 365 days a year to protect your right to defend your family, yourself and your home.

Every time we turn on the TV or open a paper we are being attacked by self-proclaimed “I know what’s best for you and you don’t” media socialists, leftist political organizations (and a president) paid for by eccentric millionaires who think they should be “king of the masses” and movie stars who make their money making violent movies using guns for your kids to watch, and then proclaim guns are evil.

Take a moment and think what it would feel like to have, not once, but twice in your life been confronted with a carjacker. One of those times with your wife, who is pregnant with your firstborn son, in the vehicle with you.

Think how it would feel to be awakened at 2:30 a.m. by home invaders, with your wife who is pregnant with your second child lying next to you. Yes, my friends, I have lived that, and as the “first responder,” my responsibility was my family and still is, and with armed positive response. All with positive outcomes in the favor of me and my family using our Second Amendment rights.

Self-preservation for your family and yourself under the Second Amendment is your right written by the founders of our country, not by lawyers, not by socialist politicians, not by presidents of any party, or world power organizations. We are about to enjoy a great opportunity to show our support for the Second Amendment on April 25 to 27 in Indianapolis this year. If you are a current NRA member, admission is free (immediate family members as well) to the main venue. If you are not an NRA member, but own firearms, believe me, now is the time to join.

Elections are also on the horizon. If you find yourself dismayed with the ignorance and arrogance of the socialist Democrats currently in office, make sure your voice is heard and vote them out. Gun-free zones have proven ineffective in keeping people safe. All of the violence we see today has occurred in the most firearms restrictive states in our great country, people being misled by the ones I have spoken of in this letter. Join the NRA.

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