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Letter: Teachers with guns? Not right choice for schools

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From: William Scarbrough


Did you know that a Republican congressional candidate for Arizona’s 1st District, Gary Kiehne, says that “99 percent of mass shootings have been done by Democrats pulling their guns out and shooting people?”

Did you know that the school board in the Monon-based district of White County voted to allow school administrators and teachers to carry semi-automatic weapons in school while performing their normal duties? A recipe for unspeakable disaster.

Now that you know these things, do you feel disgusted?

Certainly the leaders of the National Rifle Association do not feel disgusted by this; they applaud such things. And recently at its national convention in Indianapolis they would have trumpeted both these facts had they been known at that time. These would be cheered by their minions even though a majority of the minions say that background checks are a good idea.

Wayne LaPierre, executive vice president of the NRA, fired up the assembly of the gun culture with his usual bang. (Pun intended.) What it all comes down to is only criminals will have guns if any form of gun control is enacted.

Have you ever heard anything more insulting, more abusive, more derogatory to our soldiers who carry and have used guns to defend LaPierre’s right to make such comments?

Now that you’ve thought about such disrespectful talk in this way, do you feel disgusted?

Have you ever thought about how derogatory this is to the uniformed police who are duty-bound to sacrifice their lives to protect us in our

communities? Or to those authorized agents assigned to protect the president of the United States?

All the leaders of the NRA talk about is the police can’t get to you in time.

Years ago I thought the Second Amendment was the problem. I was wrong. I now support the Second Amendment and the rest of the Bill of Rights as much as anyone. What I do not support is the twisted, distorted, misrepresented, perverted, warped and falsified interpretation of the Second Amendment.

Recently, I received a letter from Rep. Luke Messer thanking me for my views on this matter and assuring me that he supports the rights granted by the Second Amendment.

What are those rights do you think? Maybe this fact will help. Messer has been awarded an A grade from the NRA. The NRA awards grades from A to F to all representatives and senators along with threats to their re-

elections if they are not approved of. Messer knows exactly what it takes to oblige the NRA.

The NRA, along with financial contributions and the help of the Koch brothers, who also provide the American Legislative Exchange Council to write NRA policies for state representatives to introduce as legislation, is doing this for one reason. Money.

Follow the money coming from gun manufacturers, ammunition makers and the devices to increase the efficacy of weapons and you will have discovered the dark stinking pit of the NRA and its apparatchiks.

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