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Letter: Truisms seek to deflect assaults on gun owners

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From: Noel Knifley


There has been one individual in the community who has written multiple letters to The Republic regarding gun control, the NRA and banning assault weapons. I can’t let the naivete displayed in those letters go without responding with two truisms.

The first truism is that there are two kinds of gun owners, the law-abiding citizen and the crazy/criminal. You can pass all the laws you want, but in the end, only one of these two groups will still have guns.

The second truism is that if someone wants to do harm to others, they will find a way whether they have access to a firearm or not. Pass all the laws you want, but in the end, people will continue to be harmed.

The answer to the above truisms is to change our culture by effective parenting, first-class education, identifying and dealing with the mentally impaired moving among us, eliminating poverty, and the full enforcement of all the current laws. We are not doing a very good job achieving any of these goals. A pathetic failure would be a better description.

It is a sad world we live in today where so many people have no self-pride, feel no self-responsibility or accept any self-blame for their failures. I can understand this among the mentally impaired but not among the mentally well. There are too many people with little parenting, who blew off their education, who live in poverty, who readily accept all government handouts and think it is OK to break the laws for their own gain. This should be totally unacceptable in our society.

We are going to have to deal with these issues sooner or later or we will crumble into a third world country. We are on a fast track route to that status at the present time. We are quickly approaching a boiling point where there will be grave consequences. Firearm confiscation must occur before this in order to minimize the damage. Keep this in mind.

The perceived lack of gun control and/or the NRA are not the root causes of gun violence but only targets for those who have no understanding of problem solving and human behavior. The many incidents of black kids shooting black kids in Indianapolis have no connection with the NRA. Shooter ID technology is very expensive and can be defeated to make it useless. Spending more money doesn’t work. One would think that we would have learned that from past efforts. Passing more gun control laws is like spitting into the wind. My old granny explained to me the negatives of that action many years ago.

If you really want to make an impact, deal with the real issues that drive this deplorable behavior. Direct your passion and spend your energy on the things that will make a difference.

By the way, I do not own an assault rifle, but I know people who do and I do not fear them.

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