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Letter: U.S. socialist assault endangers liberty

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From: Alex Knight


The Democrats’ dream of implementing Karl Marx’s unpalatable political philosophy in America is becoming reality. They thought it was a shame to let a good economic crisis go to waste after the great recession of 2008, which they used as an impetus to pass the Affordable Care Act that empowered the federal government to take control of the U.S. health care sector. In response to backlash from tea party advocates of liberty and limited government, the IRS denied them tax-exempt status, while conveniently losing emails regarding this politically motivated campaign.

One of President Barack Obama’s first priorities was to spend green energy money on supporters like Solyndra.

However, Democrats recognized that the best way to really promote green energy is to raise the price of fossil fuels, which the Obama administration has done through executive orders to reduce greenhouse gas emissions while restricting the extraction of domestic fossil fuels. The leftist approach to environmentalism relies heavily on the scientific consensus of dire anthropogenic global warming or climate change that never matches the scientific models and has led to no net global warming in the past 16 years. But these inconvenient truths don’t dissuade true believers who know how to cripple the capitalist economy by raising energy prices.

Socialism’s failures in economic growth or raising the standard of living make it unappealing. Marxism has always been driven by envy toward the successful in society, with the main objective being to seize and redistribute the ill-gotten gains of successful businesspeople to benefit caring socialist politicians, bureaucrats and supporters. In the crusade to equalize outcomes for all, socialism really ends up impoverishing all but the socialist ruling class and their cronies. With all the economic turmoil that socialism causes, socialists blame their economic failures on greedy capitalists who fail to embrace their designated roles as national resources to be sacrificed for the public good.

Today’s socialists want to

keep the economic focus away from economic growth and instead on income equality or sharing the wealth. But no country has ever redistributed its way to prosperity, and it is prosperity and liberty that are destroyed by this system. Obama and other Democrats have rejected the notion that they are socialists, but the truth is that their aims are indistinguishable from those of the Party of European Socialists ( Last year, Democrats invented the idea of myRA retirement accounts that would force investment in government bonds. After the next stock market crash, look for Democrats to push raiding excessive private retirement accounts to redistribute wealth to favored groups in the name of “from each according to his abilities, to each according to his needs.”

If Democrats are successful in providing voting rights to millions of illegal immigrants, they will feel empowered to unleash their full Marxist agenda on the American people with no accountability for the economic turmoil that would ensue. These recent events could not have been planned better to enact and maintain a socialist American nation for generations to come.

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