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Letter: Waking up from the nightmare

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George Albers


Received: Jan. 31

I have been living with my head in the sand these past few months, hoping that all this is just a nightmare that I would soon be waking up from. But with the inauguration this past week, my nightmare became all too real. I can no longer avoid the unpleasantness, and I have to wake up to the realty that exists.

I am tired of all the crises and all the opportunities that those crises have presented to our ruling elite. Don’t get me wrong; these crises have been or are truly tragic and my heart hurts for all those effected, but I am fed up with others using them for their personal gain.

Hurricane Sandy was a “God-send” for Obama. This natural disaster rightfully distracted people from the election at a time when he needed a distraction. He came away looking presidential, in control, and loved by one of his biggest critics — Gov. Christie. Perfect.

But ask the survivors how much help they have gotten from Obama once the photo op was done. He came, he saw, he left with the PR that he needed — now, onto campaigning. Pitiful, but it worked. Then look at what occurred in Congress with the relief package. Billions of dollars more “porked” onto what should have been a clean relief package. Despicable. How did any of these guys get re-elected? Are we that stupid? Apparently so.

The Sandy Hook Elementary shooting was a man-made disaster that shocked us all. It was a horrific tragedy that any sane person cannot really understand. When I first heard the news I wept and I instantly wanted to go get my kids, hug them and try to make us all feel safe. As a parent you would do anything to protect your child, anything.

But here we are one month after the tragedy and our leaders are trying to take from us our right to protect ourselves. Sure, emotionally and in the heat of the moment, who wouldn’t want to ban all things that could harm anyone — but that is just impossible. There will always be someone with some weapon wanting to do someone some harm. We should and do have the right to defend ourselves with equal force.

Passing a series of laws or, worse yet, our imperial president imposing a series of executive orders upon us, will do nothing to make us safer. It will only make law-abiding citizens more vulnerable to the lawless. It’s not the gun that is the problem. It’s the person behind the gun and the society behind the person behind the gun that are the problems. The gun is the easy target. We need to make some tough choices and decide to tackle societal ills.

We have become a Godless nation that glorifies death. Culturally, we have systematically removed God from our lives, and we now act surprised that someone can kill someone else without remorse. We have become numb and only the most extreme is outrageous anymore. Our most popular movies and games are very realistic and often the bloody. Our songs glorify sex, drugs and violence. It’s all around us and we enjoy it. Why? Very sad.

Most tragically we have come to accept in our “civil” society the abortion of 55 million babies since Roe v. Wade was forced upon us 40 years ago. Why on one hand do we mourn the loss of 26 innocent lives at Sandy Hook and yet on the other find it OK to legally kill 4,000 babies a day? I just don’t understand. Please, someone help me.

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