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Letter: World still contains goodness

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From: CJ Williams


Received: Sept. 19

For those who think this world may be corrupt, and that no one cares for one another anymore, I have to attest that there are still plenty of kind people out there.

On a trip to Aldi grocery a few weeks ago, I was having the worst shopping experience of my life. My two young boys were making a scene, crying, yelling and standing on the bagging counter — every mom’s nightmare. I was oblivious to them as I was feverishly digging through my purse to gather enough cash to pay my bill. I am certain that the frustration and embarrassment was radiating from my body and was expressed on my face. The lady behind me asked how much I needed, and kindly gave me $1 to cover the rest of my tab.

As I was loading my screaming kids into the car, a different lady began walking toward us. She asked if I needed help loading everything up, but I kindly declined. She then handed me a $20 bill and said that something had told her that I needed this money more than she did. She said that she couldn’t explain the feeling she had, but she knew that God was calling upon her to share her wealth with those less fortunate. This could have easily been the worst evening I’d had in months, but it was the kindness of others that quickly changed my attitude. As I was pushing up my cart, I saw a lady struggling to find a quarter so she could get her own cart. From the experiences I’d just had, it was a wonderful feeling to “pay-it-forward” to someone else I saw that was in need.

If I’ve learned anything in life, it’s that we shall never judge anyone and should always help those who may be in need. The world would be a better place if we all helped our neighbors, donated to those in need, or simply expressed gratitude and kindness throughout our everyday interactions with people. Next time you see someone struggle, lend a hand. You will be surprised at the wonderful feeling you will get in return.

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