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Letter: What would happen if we acted like officials?

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From: Gregg Macklin


Received: Feb. 24

Three years, nine months, 26 days. 1,397 days, 199-plus weeks, 33,528 hours, 2,011,680 minutes, 120,700,800 seconds starting April 29, 2009, and ending as I write this at 7:38 a.m. Feb. 24.

The numbers above represent the time that has passed since the Senate has done its constitutionally mandated job and passed a budget. Imagine where you would be if you did not do the job you were hired to do for even a week?

So why are we the voters, who hire our senators via our vote, allowing them to draw a paycheck from the taxes we pay, to continue to be employed in a job they have demonstrated, they have no talent, ability or inclination to perform?

The media have inundated us over the past several months about fiscal cliffs and the evils of sequestration and the effects on our everyday lives if we do not bend to the will of those who are spending our money even without our consent or a budget to hold them accountable.

Sequestration is the idea of the current administration. This fact is not in dispute, yet the current administration is using his bully pulpit to blame it on the Republicans.

Mr. Obama knows that most of the low information voters do not remember what he did and are too lazy to use a computer to look it up when asked about it. The fact is, sequestration is unconstitutional under at least three sections of Article 1 as it abdicates congressional responsibility for raising and spend money by the federal government.

When the media repeats the lies Mr. Obama and his party are telling regarding the cuts under sequestration, we all lose. The facts here, too, are indisputable, the projected spending for 2013 vs. the latest figures for last year, show an increase in overall spending of $66 billion.

A small increase by governmental standards of late, nevertheless, it is still an increase in spending. So where are the dire cuts that will close airports, leave our borders wide open, our classrooms without teachers and otherwise end life as we know it? The correct answer is that there are no cuts in spending, only cuts in the rate each budget item increases for 2013.

So when you hear the gloom and doom Mr. Obama is attempting to scare you with, hold tight to the truth and know he and his party are looking you directly in the eye and lying to you, fully expecting your to bow down and surrender more of your earnings and freedoms.

Stand up and call him and his party on it, demand they live up to the oath they swore to uphold upon taking office. If they still refuse, do your job and fire them. We the people are their boss, and it is time we remember it and make sure they know it.

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