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Letter:Running half-marathon nothing to downplay

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From: Janet Schwarz


Received: Sept. 7

I asked two women who jogged past me if they were running the Mill Race Marathon. “Half!” they said, as if they had no right to identify with the full marathon. “We thought it was a good idea!” they shouted. It almost sounded as if they really meant, “Don’t we look stupid, thinking we could actually do a half-marathon?”

I’ve noticed more activity since the announcement of the marathon, as my home sits on the People Trail. Although I’m addressing this letter to the two Ladies Who Run, please apply my letter if you also are preparing for the half part of the Mill Race Marathon. Use the sarcasm to convince yourself that you are very much a part of the full marathon and are undertaking something only few can do. Therefore, say “Yes, I am!” the next time someone asks “Running the marathon?”

Ladies Who Run, your feelings are grounded. You should have been running half-marathons like the rest of us decades ago. If you’d looked around, you would have seen the effects of half-marathon running surrounding you. BMI charts reflect the change in obesity among adults as the last decades show people falling into the “normal” category at an epidemic rate. I am surprised you’ve missed that Michelle Obama has made the childhood “normal” epidemic her focus, as we cannot allow the future of our country to become “underweight” and waste away. Don’t you watch the news?

According to the news, technology is to blame as our children are overexerted by running out to get upgrades for their devices. Our teens violate curfews running to and from the store for new versions of “Call of Duty.” People at U-scans barely touch the screen before the computer voice screams, “Way to go, doofus! Now I have to call the attendant!” sending customers running out the doors.

Sarcasm aside, Ladies Who Run, you have the right to consider yourselves full Mill Race Marathon participants. As a native Hoosier I’ve never once heard a single person traveling around the globe to that other half-marathon, “The Mini” in Indianapolis, lament, “Oh! But it’s only a half-marathon!” On the contrary, that kickoff to “The Greatest Spectacle in Racing” attracts more each year. So keep training hard and have a great time.

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