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Letter: No reason for civilians to have assault-type rifles

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From: John Vanderbur


Many years ago I had a conversation with a lady who was an acquaintance of mine. During the conversation she proudly proclaimed that she owned seven guns and that if anyone broke into her home she was going to shoot them.

When it came to the shooting part of the conversation, her facial expression changed, her eyes seemed to glaze over and a slight smile appeared as if she was envisioning the shooting.

She left me with the indelible impression that she was hoping people would break into her home so she could have the pleasure of shooting them. When I told her what my thoughts were on gun control she became very upset. We didn’t converse much after that. This is but one example of the potential for tragedy in gun-crazed America.

Perhaps I was just naïve for many years, but I just couldn’t understand what the thinking was of those people who hold their guns so dear. I now understand that some of those people truly believe that a tyrannical, monolithic

United States government is trying to take their guns and their rights away and that they need to have their semi-automatic, assault-style rifles and high-capacity magazines to stave off any attempt of the government to seize their weaponry and rights.

That is beyond the pale of reasonable thought. For those who think that way, you really need to sit down and think about the consequences.

The United States military is the most powerful military that has ever existed on the face of this earth.

If you pick a fight with the military using your AR-15s, that’s a fight that is going to last a nanosecond. That’s a little bit like going elephant hunting with a squirt gun.

This is all about money. The gun manufacturers are raking in tens of millions of dollars in profits. The gun organizations are raking in millions of dollars.

The spineless politicians are being fed campaign funds to ensure that gun legislation has no chance.

People are being spoon-fed highly inflammatory, exaggerated and false information for the single purpose of perpetuation of this shameful practice. We the people are but pawns in a game of what has become a matter of life and death.

There are no reasons for civilians to have semi-automatic, assault-type rifles. There are no reasons for high-capacity magazines. There are no infringements of the Second Amendment. There is every reason for background checks. It’s all a farce.

As for Wayne LaPierre, I can envision a scenario where a couple of men in white suits and carrying a straitjacket seize him and place the straitjacket on him. And while they are carrying him off into the western sunset, you can hear ol’ Wayne saying, “Guns don’t kill people; people kill people.”

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