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Letter 10/11/2012

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Mayor is impressive leader, needs our support

From: Tamara Kiel

Tipton Lane

Received: Oct. 8.

The dignified leadership of Kristen Brown is impressive. She listens to people and cares very much about doing the right thing for her constituents. It is clear her absolute top priority is representing the people in an honorable way.

We asked her to be our mayor, but have we now left her there to do it all by herself? Although she has assembled a fantastic staff, she still needs the reinforcement of each and every one of us.

If, when you examine yourself, you find you could be a persuasive, convincing, positive influence and helpful liaison in the struggles of our local governmental bodies during controversial situations, please feel a responsibility to come forward and fulfill that duty.

This rally cry is made because it appears Kristen is working with counter forces to her “do the right thing” focus. Does she stand alone or do we stand with her as she defends fiscal responsibility of our taxes, appropriateness of fees levied on us, public safety, economic development and transparency in all actions taken on behalf of the citizens.

Indeed, some will dislike transparency of what was previously hidden. They will say that is not how we do it. They will be offended and defensive. They will protest and dismiss all proposals from city hall without consideration.

Our mayor is being battered and bruised in what appears to be a bully situation. And yet she stands strong with dignity and morality and a pure motive of doing the right thing.

The right thing is saving us millions of dollars in ambulance subsidies with no reduction in service, in fact, enhanced service.

The wrong thing is creating belligerence in the process.

The right thing is professionally verbalizing a request for respect when it is not being given.

The wrong thing is immaturely and publicly poking fun at an esteemed leader who requests respect.

The right thing is developing a five-year capital plan and long term goals like almost no other administration.

The wrong thing is presenting last minute amendments that pass without deliberation.

The right thing is not committing an entity to financial obligations without authority to do so.

The wrong thing is those very offenders hypocritically micromanaging the financial management abilities of others.

The right thing is welcoming public comment and creating live streaming of public meetings.

The wrong thing is filing criminal charges against a citizen over access to public documents.

The right thing is being an approachable leader who invites professional discourse with those of differing opinion to reach an amicable solution.

The wrong thing is secret garage meetings with hidden agendas and malicious intent.

Mayor Brown has verifiably done these right things.

It is unbelievable any elected official or civic leader would do these wrong things.

Surely we wouldn’t have voted harmful, scheming people in to leadership roles. I don’t believe it. Do you?

I know my leaders can disagree without hatred. If not, they are only elected officials, they are not leaders.

My assessment from the outside looking in at rumored reports, I know no one would think of ousting a leader who wasn’t just barely voted in to office, but overwhelmingly put in office.

Now the overwhelming constituency who put our mayor in that position need to visibly and vocally come forward as her allies to help withstand and defend her against the barrage of people who would threaten to defeat her moral, ethical and dignified efforts to lead us.

It is no secret I adore Mayor Brown. Why wouldn’t we all? She is not just an elected official, she is a leader!

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