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Letters 11/08/2012

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Electoral College does not represent population

From: Vicki Amos


Received: Nov. 6

I just heard the nation has spoken and re-elected the president of the United States. I am so angry at that statement, not because of the outcome but because it is not true. The nation didn’t get to speak; the Electoral College spoke. The popular vote is discounted due to the process we use, and it is a process that is outdated. They talk about every vote counting — tell that to the people that lost their vote due to the process we use. It is more than time for a change.

Re-electing Obama was mistake for country

From: George Albers


Received: Nov. 7

Fool us once, shame on you. Fool us twice, shame on us. In 2008 we hired the most unqualified person ever to run this great country. His presidency was a fiasco — a terrible economy, a politically divided nation, a foreign policy nightmare, crony capitalism, an opaque and dishonest administration, and so on. And yet we just hired him again for four more years. Why? Because records don’t matter anymore. It’s not how you perform but what you promise. It’s what you hand out. It’s how you redistribute things. Romney was right: About 50 percent of the population will never vote for him, but it is too bad that 50 percent accounts for more than 270 electoral votes.

Let me make this point: If Obama was in the private sector and went into his boss’s office with his record of failure, he would have been fired.

We just painfully watched a huge cultural shift in America. We are no longer the strong-valued, independent nation that we used to be. The masses have now become dependent on the government, and when that happens we quickly go down the slippery slope of destruction. Atlas will shrug someday.

Once you become dependent upon a handout, you become a slave to the system. I feel sorry for those groups of citizens who continually get suppressed and manipulated by their leaders. They are not people. They are votes. And the more the politicians can offer them, the longer they will stay in power. But what’s surprising is that those groups that elected Obama are still waiting for their promises. There is still no immigration reform, and women, blacks and Hispanics are still economically worse off than anyone else. Are they blind? Or are they just hoping for a few more years so they can get the things they were promised? The next four years have to be better, don’t they? They couldn’t get any worse, could they?

I am an optimistic realist and still, despite my disappointment, desire only the best for this country. I truly want Obama to unify this country and turn it around. But if we continue down the same path we were on, we will only end up going over the fiscal, moral and social cliff. I am afraid he is incapable of leading from the middle. He has and is fundamentally changing America by ignoring half its population. Sad.

On a brighter note, I am glad I can finally get back to watching “Jersey Shore.” Did Snookie give birth during the campaign? Wake up, America!

God help us all.

See what happens at City Hall meeting

From: William Pumphrey II


Received: Nov. 6

On Monday, Mayor Brown was present at the first meeting of Mayor’s Advisory Committee on Disability and Accessibility, thanking everyone in attendance for taking their time to participate and devoting time to inform her and the city of Columbus how to open more opportunities for 18 percent of the population in Bartholomew County. That’s 18 percent of 77,870 people who have a disability of some sort.

One can only wonder why some businesses and other entities continue to ignore or disregard accommodating such a large portion of the local population. Some of these people are gainfully employed. Some are not. Some are experiencing the inevitable results of aging. Some held promising careers at one time till a disability struck.

While many of these people may not be huge wage earners in comparison to most people, they do have a source of income. Some may receive their revenue by what some call entitlements, but in reality the only entitlements they seek are the love of family, friends and a community which accepts their needs in life, as they try to adjust to living so different from the usual.

One way to express thanks of being “normal” in this life is by showing interest and advocating for those who would love to be there with you. The next meeting will be at 2 p.m. Dec. 3 at City Hall, and is open for all to witness what transpires.

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