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Q&A with Korie Robertson

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When you met Willie in third grade, what was your reaction?

I thought he was the cutest thing I had ever seen. Looking back on it now, it’s hard to believe I met the man I was going to marry (22 years ago) in third grade, but there was just something about him. Of course, I didn’t know I was going to marry him, but I was certainly smitten. I love working with Willie. We certainly have our moments when we disagree and have to argue it out, but we respect one another and ultimately always remember what is most important and somehow eventually come to a decision.

What do you make of your celebrity status?

It’s a little bit nuts to look up from eating lunch and realize that people are taking pictures of you on their cellphones. But it is what it is. There is nothing magical about being a celebrity or about us.

We just happen to have a television show that a lot of people love. We work hard at what we do, and we are grateful for the success and opportunities it has brought us. We know it won’t last forever, so we just take it as it comes and try to do our best with the platform we have been given.

(The program) promotes families sticking together, not taking ourselves too seriously, forgiving one another and at the end of the day, giving thanks to God.

The family’s faith has been part of every episode and is a key reason you were booked here. What about your faith?

My faith is central to who I am. It shapes the way I live my life, the kind of wife, mother, friend I am, the way I treat those I work with, the people I meet as I travel, the less fortunate. (And) we’ve been able to travel the country and the world and share God’s message of love and hope.

How much of the show is true reality and how much is semi-set-up, such as Si’s dry wit?

We are who we are. We told the production company when we started this show, and we remind them often that we have to walk around this planet as ourselves. This can’t be an act we are putting on the show. The editors do a great job of putting a show together. But Si really is that crazy. Maybe crazier.

You and the other Robertson women have said that you love the beards on your men. What’s the best part of the ZZ Top look?

The beard does not make the man. I loved him (Willie) BTB (Before the Beard), and I love him with it. When we started dating, he said he had nothing but dimples and a lot of promise. Nowadays, the dimples are covered by the beard. But he is the same funny, smart, passionate guy I married.

Your favorite moment on the show thus far?

Has to be Phil and Kay’s vow renewal. What a special moment for us and our children to be a part of! Most people now know that Phil and Kay’s story hasn’t been an easy one, but if Phil wouldn’t have turned his life around and given it to God and Kay wouldn’t have had the guts to stick with him and forgive him, who knows where we would all be today? Certainly, people wouldn’t be watching us on “Duck Dynasty.”

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