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Runner's Diary: Leslie Rude 8/3/2014

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This is the turning point for me. I did 13 miles on Friday with Glyn Price, and that’s the most I’ve ever run.

I knew I could do it because I did it in Indianapolis.

But Glyn has been telling me the next runs are just a mental hurdle — doing 14, 15, 16 miles. It’s just something you’ve got to train yourself for and psychologically get through. After that, it’s all smooth sailing.

This past week had gone really well up until the 13-mile run on Friday.

I just got terrible foot pain and not like the muscle kind. I was pretty sure it was just blisters, and I’m not going to stop running for blisters. When we stopped, I took off my shoes, and one of my socks had blood on it.

Blister isn’t even the right word for it. Disgusting is what it is.

So between my knee and that, I decided to take a rest day on Saturday.

I’m going to put an anti-chafe balm on before I put my socks on, and I’m willing to try something such as Epsom salts.

Wednesday was when work sort of started for me, so that was another challenge. I had some meetings, and they were only meant to go half the day, but I decided to stay to kind of make it a full school day and get some stuff done.

That is going to be really interesting, and it was a nice little preview of what the year will be like with training. I was so worn out mentally at the end of the day. It makes a difference in exercising, and I guess I didn’t really give that enough attention in the past.

Everything kind of hit me all at once — with going back to work and being kind of mentally exhausted, and then my cold is kind of lingering, and the blisters and to top it all off, my knee was acting up worse than it has been.

I think I’m kind of stubborn about my knee. If I have a couple of good days, then I want to run without the knee brace — for a lot of reasons, like how it rolls down in the back and is uncomfortable. Right now the sleeve is like a magic trick that kind of holds everything together, and there’s no wiggle room for something to go wrong.

If my knee starts hurting while I’m wearing the brace, I’ll go to the doctor.

There were some high points, too.

We chose to run the half-marathon course that they’ll do in September, and that just feels really good. I know I’ve driven those routes and it takes a while to be in the car, but I was actually running through my town.

Then, when we saw the car and we had a tenth of a mile left, we decided to pick up the pace a little bit. We got to the car and stopped to celebrate, and a man walked past us with a briefcase on his way to work to say good job. He had been following my story in The Republic. That was cool to know someone is kind of cheering us along that doesn’t know us.

Glyn Price, my son Nolan and I also have matching running shirts now.

And I’ve found a whole new reason to get excited about running: raising money in honor of Jared, my late husband.

I didn’t know exactly how to do that. I thought if I raised money for the American Cancer Society, my contribution would only be a drop in the bucket.

So I’ve been talking around town to see if I can find someone with a similar story to mine. I want to help a younger person that is probably married, something similar to what Jared and I were going through.

Helping people, that will give me extra fuel behind the tough runs that are coming up.

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