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Runner's Diary: Leslie Rude

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Leslie Rude
Leslie Rude

It’s getting pretty tough to obey the alarm and get out of bed at 4:30 a.m., so I ended up slipping a bit with my training last week.

I hit the snooze button on both of the mornings I had planned on doing cardio circuits, and I ended up having to try to fit a condensed version in after school.

I don’t mind as much getting up early for running, so I’m thinking I need to find some type of non-run workout that I’ll look forward to and won’t mind getting up for. This week begins my search!

Our long run this weekend was 17 miles. Once again, Glyn Price and I varied a little bit from the Columbus Running Club’s training schedule.

The suggested mileage was 16, but Glyn and I are set on increasing by one mile each week until it’s time to taper down the two weeks before the marathon. The course was the same as last week, which we were both happy about because it’s just a beautiful route.

When we walked out the door that morning at 5:45 a.m., the humidity hit us in the face. Luckily, we set off before it was light out, so we were beating the heat for the most part.

Glyn wisely decided to wait until after our run to tell me that the humidity was 100 percent.

We both know that information would have just gotten in my head and made the run more of a challenge for me.

A couple of things made the run bearable, even enjoyable, despite the humidity.

The Swedish fish that are at each water stop are a lifesaver, and if I knew the person who put those out, I would literally hug them.

I also had a realization along the way of just how far I have come as a runner. We were on the last leg of the route, and I looked down at my watch to see the distance we had left. We had a 5K left to run.

Training schedule

MONDAY: One-hour cardio circuit

TUESDAY: Interval runs for 3 miles

WEDNESDAY: One-hour cardio circuit

THURSDAY: Interval runs for 3 miles

FRIDAY: One-hour cardio circuit

SATURDAY: 18-mile run with Columbus Running Club and Glyn Price


“No big deal,” I thought.

That’s when I just had to smile to myself. When I signed up for my first 5K in college, I couldn’t even run the whole thing.

There I was this weekend, after running more than 13 miles, thinking that 3.12 miles was not that bad.

Training diligently transforms your body and mind.

But the highlight of that 17-mile run actually did not have anything to do with how my body or mind felt.

At about mile 4, we came up alongside a friend who’s training for the half-marathon. With the humidity the way it was, I think everybody was struggling a bit more than normal, and we were able to talk and encourage one another along the rest of the way.

She ended up finishing strong, and I think the conversation and company energized Glyn and me for the second half of our run. That kind of camaraderie felt great and proved to me again that running does not have to be a solo endeavor.

With this week marking a year since my husband, Jared, has been gone, I feel like I’m needing a little extra encouragement in all areas of life, not just running.

I know he’d be so proud of Nolan and me for where we are and what we’re doing, but sometimes I just ache to hear those words from him.

The donations in Jared’s honor, for A Columbus Christmas, are starting to come in, and that in itself is encouraging, as I’m reminded of the families that are going to experience an awesome Christmas.

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