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Runner’s Diary: Tim Proctor

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Tim Proctor of Columbus has agreed to share his training experiences every two weeks as he prepares for the Sept. 28 Mill Race Marathon in Columbus. He competed May 11 in the Dances With Dirt run in Nashville and uses different events for motivation during his training. Proctor can be reached at

VARIETY OF TRAINING: I guess my schedule is different than someone who just plans on running the marathon. I’ve looked at my calendar, and I try to compete in other races that help me to stay motivated and train along the way.

I use intermediate goals. On May 11, I competed in a Brown County race. We ran 55 miles in total as five of us took turns on trails in Brown County. That kind of thing keeps me motivated. It was a trail race, and it’s a quite different kind of running.

The trails can be so steep that you have to use your hands as well as your feet. And when you go downhill, you have to be careful not to go too fast or you can turn your ankle or something like that. But running on trails is a great way to put variety into your training. It can be boring running on pavement the whole time.

It’s always good to have variety in your training. You get on a trail, and it’s really nice, quiet, no traffic. I guess it depends on how accessible trails are to you. It’s easy to get to Brown County State Park.

Area training programs

Need to train? Go to, and click on “Other Info” then “Training Programs.” Find “Powered by You!,” “Advanced Marathon Training” or “Online Programs.”

I try to do a trail-run once a week. It kind of depends on my family schedule and what my teammates are doing. We also run around Grandview Lake. It’s quite hilly and a change in pace.

There really are benefits to doing some hill training. Most people would recommend that you do some type of interval work or something that will stress you. Maybe that means running on a flat course at a faster pace or doing hills.

It helps you build strength in your muscles and your heart, and that strength is what you fall back on when you pass Mile 22 and it really is starting to hurt.

RECOVERY TIME: People should know that as much as training is important, recovery is important as well. The weekend before I ran Dances With Dirt, I did a half-triathlon in Florida. When I got home from Florida, my legs were aching so much, and they were shot.

I knew my teammates were in training and I really wanted to do that, but what I had to do was rest my legs. I only started to feel good again on Thursday. I ran five and one-half miles on Wednesday, slower than I normally do. Toward the end of the run, I picked up the pace to make sure everything still was working.

Today (May 12), my legs are aching bad. I won’t run. The next eight weeks, my training will be more about cycling because I am about to start a mountain bike series. It’s still good for the marathon, though, because it helps your heart and lungs stay fit. I am still determined to get in one long run a week. The long-run schedule is to build up the endurance of my body. I do have an objective of running one long run, nine to 10 miles, each week. I am doing 20 to 30 miles a week right now, but I will cut that down to 10 to 15 as I am doing more cycling. Then, about 12 weeks out from the marathon is a good time to build up for the race. In the meantime, it’s about saying fit, staying healthy and avoiding injuries.

Everyone is different. I have friends who will do one race a year, and they are meticulous about their training. They will put a calendar together as motivation and check things off. I am much more motivated by having events and intermediate objectives.

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